Monday, September 25

Progress Friday...

What? It's not Friday, you say? Sure it is... for me!!! Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! To be perfectly honest, last week completely knocked me out, and I forgot neglected to do my progress post, or to even take pictures! I still haven't taken any pictures, but this past week has been a huge mish-mosh of socks and various patterns. Since I finished the Kroy and Pretty Petals I've been drifting around from sock to sock, and of course have cast on even more! I need to update my sidebar as well. I joined yet *another* sock KAL, so I cast on for that one, using one of the balls of my Rams Surprise Package stash.

Currently, here is the lineup of victims: Scales Skin Socks: SSS#1 was finished last week, and #2 was cast on. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will finish the pair in time for the deadline later this week, but I should be done shortly after. I'm about three inches into this one.
Derek's Silk Socks: This poor sock is languishing in the background for the time being... to be honest, I can't remember the last time I worked a round on them!
Dura Cabled Socks: My lonely design has been sitting all by itself in my sock bin... another victim of neglect.
Rebecca's Ribbed Camo Socks: This is supposed to be my back-and-forth-to-work sock, but after turning the heel, I wasn't sure if I'd decreased enough for the foot. After three days of sitting on my desk, I finally remembered asked her to try it on, and I was right... I need to frog back a few rounds and decrease at least 4 more times.
My Ankle Socks: These are the ones I'm designing in Lang Jawoll. These were a temporary fix for my work sock problem, and ended up the same way Rebecca's did... needing a try-on to see if I'd decreased enough. I had, and now I'm cruising right along. I'm about a third to half way down the foot on these.
Jackie's Red Socks: This one is the solid, child-size version of my design. I still haven't decided how long I'm going to make the leg on these, so they've come in handy for when I can't take anything else to work with me. I'm about four inches into this one.
Old Shale Socks: This is the newest addition to my line-up, and the current pattern for the Socknitter's List KAL that I just joined. I'm using one of my Super Soxx balls for this in a brown/ blue/ beige colourway, and won't be using a solid like the pattern calls for. I'm still working on the cuff of the first one, but I'm not sure how much longer I will make it. It calls for 6 repeats of the lace pattern, but I'll see if I'm happy with the length once I get to that point, which should be at some time during my weekend.

In other news: I'm applying for two different positions at work... keep your fingers and needles crossed for me that I get one of them. Both of them include raises of differing amounts, both will contribute to my eventual management goals, and both include REAL weekends off {Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday}. I also destashed some of my sock yarn on the weekend. My friend Sandi had her baby and I brought over some of my Bernat Sox to start her sock addiction.

Tuesday, September 19

Arrr, me mateys... feast yer peepers on this!!!

In case you haven't heard, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Since this is *supposed* to be a crafting blog, I have this for your crafting pleasure!!!

How many more rows to go?

I am damned and determined to finish my first SSS sometime today. The tiny 2.25mm needles are killing me on the foot! I did my usual 65 rows, and alas, the sock barely made it up to the ball of my foot. This is the only sock I'm working on ATM, so it's a doable goal, even though my housework is calling me! I'm 99.9% sure I'm not going to make the deadline of Sept. 30th for the pair -- this disappoints me, but not so bad that I'm gonna kill myself or anything. Although the sharpness of these needles may do it for me! I had poked a nasty hole in my finger last week that is now finally healed enough that I can work on the SSS again without the aid of a bandage!

I have a bunch of B&L sitting here on my desk right now. It's all nicely balled up, and I *swear* it's laughing at me because I haven't cast on yet! So far I'm resisting the urge to start another pair. I *did* go cruising looking for a new pattern to use up some of my Ram's Surprise Package stash, and I'm currently debating between Fluted Bannisters, Sixth Sense, or Lombard Street. There's another pattern that I could have sworn I saw recently, but I can't recall where right now... perhaps it was in the VK issue with all the socks. It was sort of a spiral ridged pattern... if it sounds familiar to you, drop me a line with the details on where I can find it!

Monday, September 18

YAY!!! It worked!!!

Well I took a chance and it worked! Here's the promised pics of my FOs from last week. You can click on the small pictures to view the full-sized versions.
Ribbed SocksHere's the ribbed socks I made out of some discontinued Kroy I bought last year. I had actually started this pair last summer, but had put it aside, and then frogged what I had done to make this pattern instead of the plain stockinette that I had been using. The pattern is my basic ribbed sock, and I am in the process of writing it up as a freebie on my site.

Pretty Petals in MayaHere's my Pretty Petals socks from the KAL I joined with other members of Jeanie Townsend's group. I used Lana Grossa Maya for these, which is a cotton/ wool blend. I've got my fingers crossed that these will be comfortable to wear, and will wash and wear well. I've got one more ball of this in my stash, and would like to add more since this was such a wonderful yarn to knit with.

Friday, September 15

Progress Friday {without pictures}

I still wanted to post today even though I haven't taken any progress photos yet. I finished my second Pretty Petals sock on Wednesday evening, so I have another completed pair that I need to add to my tally. Kroy sock #2 will be getting finished sometime before my weekend starts Monday morning as well {maybe even today!!!}. I started 2 new socks this week, both different versions of the same pattern --- a new design I'm working on. Derek's sock is over half-way through the foot, so it will be getting finished soon too. My SSS is about a third of the way down the foot, so I still have a chance to finish a second one before the end of the month, and enter myself into the contest at the Six Sox Knitalong. My cabled sock is coming along slower now. I injured my knitting finger, so I can only knit my tougher socks with a bandaid over it! Plus, one of the needles was accidentally pulled out, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet!

Well I'm going back to my knitting, and crocheting too I suppose since I haven't done much on the babyghan! Once I get Kroy #2 done, I'll post pics --- here if Blogger lets me, and definitely in my FO Gallery at LJ.

Tuesday, September 12

Golf and deer.

Derek and I went golfing on Saturday, and I've posted here about it. The gallery of pictures is here.

I'm on a mission... a sock mission that is!

That's right, I'm on a mission to see how many socks I can finish this week. My brain is ready to explode with all the designs I have in mind, and I *need* to get them out! I think I should be able to finish quite a few of my SIPs. Derek's sock is nearly half-way down the foot, and if I don't run out of yarn, I should have no problems finishing it. My cabled sock is past the gusset decreases, as is my SSS. My Kroy sock is half-way down the foot, and PP#2 is on the last leg repeat.

I balled up my new Dura for another work sock design, and I started a new design last night out of a stray ball of Jawoll. These ones are going to be anklets for me, but I'm going to do full-length versions for the girls once these are done. I'm on the heel of my first ankle sock, so I should easily be able to get at least one done this week.

I stabbed a hole in my finger on Sunday from the SSS and Dura socks. Knitting at work on Sunday night was *interesting* to say the least!!! I've discovered that a band-aid over the offending hole doesn't affect my knitting, so I'm still cruising. If anything, it's making all knitting easier since I can't feel the poke of any needle there!!!

Saturday, September 9

I broke 200!!!

Yes, you heard it here first... I actually broke 200 at golf today! ROFL!!! I've got some pics of me, and some pics of some deer that we saw today. Derek actually had his best round yet, and broke 80... 79 to be exact. I'll upload the pics to LJ tomorrow. I'm exhausted right now as our game took a *lot* longer than it should have due to a tournament.

The Super Secret Project... at long last!

Since Blogger won't allow me to post pictures, I've migrated the timeline of this project over to LiveJournal, along with a Gallery of the pics. Lemme know what you think!

Friday, September 8

Progress Fridays Revisited

Well I've signed up for LiveJournal, and will be posting most {if not all} of my pics there from now on. You can check out today's progress post and comment here or there! I've got my fingers crossed that I can get things to work out soon.

I'm so angry I could spit!!!

ARGH!!! Blogger is driving me completely insane! I can't upload a single image, regardless of which machine I use, or for that matter, if it's from home or linked off the web!!! Angry doesn't even begin to cover it. I went and did some hunting online, and discovered I'm far from the last one that's having difficulties like this. In any case, this means that my Friday progress photos are on hold, as well as the pictures of the Super Secret Project afghan. I was so proud of how much I accomplished this week too... *sigh* Let's see if my posts to the help group lead me anywhere... if not, I may be soon searching for a new blog home.

Thursday, September 7

Grumble, grumble...

My computer and Blogger are at it again, and not talking. That means I can't upload any pics until I get on to Derek's computer. *So* frustrating!!! Well here it is, my vacation is more than half over, and I don't have as much to show for it as I'd originally hoped -- best laid plans and all. I've gotten quite a bit of sock knitting done, however, and I have several feet to do since I've turned the heel on my SSS, and am working on the heel of my Dura sock, as well as Derek's GI Dennis.

The Super Secret Project I was working on in August was completed, and gifted on Monday. I'll have that up as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded, and the last update done. It was received very happily I might add. The baby blanket I'm currently crocheting is going a bit slower, but that's because I've been concentrating on my socks a lot, and will pick it back up again once all these heels are done.

I haven't found as much of my house as I would have liked, but I am finding quite a bit. The cryo lab is still begging for attention, and I still *do* intend on getting in there for at least a little while.

Sunday, September 3

Vacation musings...

Well I started my vacation off on a really good foot, I think. I got in the range of 18 hours of sleep/ rest yesterday and this morning. Now I'm fully into knitting and cleaning mode. I want to find my house! And as my rest periods, my socks will get a lot of attention too. I've just finished the third cable repeat on my work socks, and I'll take it outside for a pic later on. I also want to tackle my yarn cryogenics testing lab this week... we'll see on Friday Progress how far I got!!!

Friday, September 1

Friday Progress...

I like the idea of being responsible to myself {and to anyone that actually reads this tripe}, about my continuing goals and progress. This week wasn't the greatest personally, which is reflected in the complete lack of posts. I *have*, however, taken pictures of my current WIPs, including the latest to be added, the baby afghan for Sandi and Rod... due in 19 days. As always, clicking on any of the pictures will bring you to a larger version that you can see in more detail.

Girly work shoesI'm just tickled about my "girly" work shoes, so I *had* to blog them! Here they are with my Durasport which will soon be a pair of work socks for said shoes.

Dura balled upHere's the Durasport all balled up. It's going to be rough on my hands, but well worth it. Progress on my socks is below.

Round Ripple BabyghanI came home from work early last night, and was able to get started on Round Ripple the 2nd... My friends Sandi and Rod are expecting, and of course a new baby is the prefect reason to stash bust! Rebecca found a bunch of this pretty vari in my cryogengics lab, so I have plenty for a HUGE blankie for baby. I think I've done pretty good for less than a day's work. Like I did with my last crochet project, I'm alternating between this and my knitting to save my hands.

Pretty Petals sock #2Here's the second PP sock. I haven't made a lot of progress in it this week, but that's mainly because I've been rotating between my various socks until one grabs me.

Scales Skin SockHere's the THIRD incarnation of my SSS socks. They are actually getting somewhere since I've been doing at least one repeat a day on them. I'm tempted to turn these into my "back and forth to work" sock once the Kroy is done, but the yo round is so slow going, I'm afraid to. The Inox needles, while *much* heavier than what I'm used to, are the perfect dpn for this project.

GI Dennis sock in Regia Silk ShineHere's Derek's Regia Silk Shine sock done with Jeanie Townsend's GI Dennis pattern. I've gotten the first 2 complete patterns done, and I'm back to the tractor tires. I think I will do 3 "tires", and 2 "furrows" to complete the leg before starting the heel. I really hope Derek likes these.

Kroy sock #2My current sock for at work is coming along nicely. I'm not touching it at home, so all this is, is 2-3 days of work progress. The gusset is now completely done, and it's smooth sailing from now until I hit the toe. Even though I'm on vacation next week, I'll probably push it to complete this one... especially once I choose my next at work sock.

Cabled Dura SockLast, but cetainly not least... my own design done in Briggs & Little Durasport. You can't tell yet, as I've just started these yesterday, but I've incorporated two cable patterns into the leg of the sock. I'm really excited about these. I *was* going to wait until the Kroy was done, but since I've decided to go with the cable design, I don't think these will be an "at work" replacement anyway. I'm thrilled to be learning cables finally, and even more excited at designing my own. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, August 26

You've been grafted!!!

Here's my first Pretty Petals sock in all its glory!!! I couldn't wait to try it on, and it's extremely comfortable. The fit is really nice too, I call it "snuggy huggy", since it's quite snug, and it's hugging my foot so well. I'm also very pleased with how it turned out extending the pattern over the foot. It gives the sock that "little something extra".

Here is a close-up of the toe I "unvented". It still isn't an absolutely perfect fit, but it's purty durned close. Unlike my straight toed socks, this follows the natural shape of my toes more closely. You can click on the picture to see the toe in more detail. Now I get to cast on PP#2!!!

We have a sock!!!! {well almost!}

I'm now officially on the toe of my first Pretty Petals sock. Thanks to my sock guru, Ariannah, I've unvented a toe that will hopefully fit my foot better than a conventional one. I've started the toe section at the very end of my baby toe, and I'm decreasing on that side of the foot each row, while decreasing conventionally {every other row} on the other side. We shall see how it goes. I also had the forethought to write down exactly what I did for centering the pattern on the foot, and adjusting it at the toe. I have my fingers crossed that this actually works, and even better yet, that my instructions make sense when I get to this point of sock #2!!!

Friday, August 25

Progress... in more ways than one.

I've made a lot of progress this week, albeit on a limited number of projects. I've been focussing my energies on a few things, and the amount of work I have gotten done on them is significant, compared to the usual limited amount on many. I like the feeling of control that I get by doing this, since my list of WIPs is beyond overwhelming. I've even managed to resist the temptation of the Durasport. It was bought, and even balled up on Monday, and I still haven't cast it on. I've promised myself that I am going to finish the Kroy socks first, and then I can concentrate on the Dura. I also haven't *replaced* the Cascading Leaves socks. That's another victory in itself, as usually each FO is rewarded with starting another project {or three}.

Derek's GI Dennis socks are currently on the back-burner. While out on Saturday and Monday, I got the Tractor Tires pattern repeat done, and the next time I pick these up, I will be ready to start the Plowed Ridges and Rows pattern repeat. This is normally the sock that is in my purse, so it gets worked on while I'm out doing errands and such. I'm not on the final stretch of the pair, and it's not on a deadline, so even though Derek's socks tend to be a priority, I can easily set these aside for a little while.

Here's how close Kroy sock #1 is to completion. One heel was turned Monday evening, and the other Tuesday morning. This one is now about halfway down the foot, and within 30 rows of the toe decreases. Since I get about 10-15 rows done per night at work, I expect to be finishing this one off before my weekend starts on Monday morning. You can click on the pictures to see them larger and in more detail.

Here's my Pretty Petals sock, nearly ready to start the toe. I've decided to try to make a left and right foot. My toes aren't nearly straight across, so shaping the toe more should make for a better fit. I'd really like to have this sock done by the start of my weekend as well so that I can start the second sock.

I'm not going to bore you with yet *another* photo of the hem of my SSS sock. Yes, I've cast on yet again, this time makes it the third attempt at this pattern. I used my Inox dpns Wednesday night and started the hem. I did it then since I wanted to work on it while waiting at the airport for my niece's flight Thursday morning. I got the hem completed and joined, and the first whole pattern repeat done during our wait. I am really loving the Inox needles in spite of their weight compared to my other dpns. They pick up that yo like it was nothing, so I can go much faster than I had been. It's amazing how much those yo's were slowing me down. Once my PP #1 is done, I'll probably go back and forth between the SSS and PP#2 for my knitting breaks from crocheting. The SSS pair needs to be done for the end of September to make it into the drawing at 6 Sox, so I've got my fingers crossed that I will make it!

Thursday, August 24

And on the eighth day, she created socks!!!

With all the sock yarn recently added to my stash, I'm going to *need* an eighth day every week simply for knitting!!! Not that I couldn't have used it before. I've decided to go with smaller pics on the blog main page, so if you'd like to see any of these in greater detail, simply click on the picture and it will take you to a larger version of it.

This is the Briggs & Little I picked up at Rams on Monday. There is one hank of Durasport in "Bluejean" for work socks for me. I also bought 4 hanks of Tuffy. There is two hanks each of a charcoal grey and olive green to make some winter socks for Derek. I'm using the excuse that I need to use up the rest of the cream Tuffy from his first pair!!!

Here is the complete collection of yarn that came home on Monday. I also completed my bamboo dpn collection and added a few more patterns to my stash! Clockwise from top left: Regia 4 fadig; Sisu; Super Soxx {2 balls}; B&L Tuffy {3 hanks}; B&L Durasport; and B&L Tuffy. Not all of the yarn has been earmarked for future projects yet. The pink Sisu is for some breast cancer ribbon socks, and the B&L is all for work socks for Derek and I. When the time comes, I know that the Regia and Super Soxx will tell me what they want to be.

Tuesday I ventured out and discovered a new-to-me LYS called "Leona's Sweater & Wool Shop". The Confetti is in a tigery colourway, and was a bargain at only $3.99 a ball. The Socka is a rainbowy jacquard, and set me back $7.99 each. The JaWoll was a steal at only $5 each... that's the one that has the thread included for reinforcing the heels and toes!!! I'm hoping that the comfort cushion will help my poor beat-up hands from crocheting. And the Patons booklet has many interesting sock patterns in it. Jacqueline and Rebecca each had 2 different patterns chosen for me to make for them before we even made it home. I'm certain that I will be returning to Leona's many, many times!!!

Tuesday, August 22

10 more pairs of socks come to live with us!

... well *potential* pairs anyway! I got a gov't benefit cheque in the mail, and my income tax refund was in, so I went SHOPPING!!! I've taken the stash shots, but haven't loaded them up yet... tomorrow probably when I've got progress on socks to report anyway.

Yesterday's shopping was at Rams. I came home with a carload!!! Needles: 2.0 and 2.25 mm bamboo dpns. Now my set of bamboos in the longer length is complete. Patterns and Magazines: Fiber Trends Butterflies & Blossoms, and Acorn socks; Patons Kids "Twister Sisters" booklet; Patons freebie sheet "Positive Energy Shawl"; and Knit.1 Summer '06. Yarn: 2 Surprise Sock Yarn packages; 2 hanks each of Briggs & Little Tuffy in green mix and oxford grey; B&L Durasport in bluejean; and 2 balls of Regia 4fadig in royal/turquoise.

Today I went and visited a new {to me} LYS. It's called Leona's Good Wool Shop, and it lives up to its name. She's got a wide variety to please every budget, even if she's so small that there's not a heck of a lot to select from {compared to Rams}. What thrills me most is that her stock overlaps very little with them... it's nearly ALL different, which is *very* desirable in a city with only two LYSs. I'm not looking so much for bargains, but for selection. Her prices were excellent nonetheless. I came home with 3 more pairs of socks, a comfort cushion for my yarn hook, and a neat Patons sock book. I bought 3 different brands of sock yarn, and she also carries the Scheepjes, as well as a few Kroy, and what she has left of the now-discontinued Bernat Sox. A pretty brown, beige, cream Lang Jawoll tweed, DBG Confetti in a tigery/ Halloweenish jacquard, and Fortissima Socka Color in a rainbowy jacquard all have a new home with us. The sock booklet I bought has instructions for toe socks for kids and adults, a neat colourwork chevron pattern, and several other lace, cable, and plain socks in kids and adult sizes, as well as short and extra long lengths.

I am a very happy knitter today! Only problem is that I've got a ton of crocheting still to do. On the plus side, since the dentist was running behind schedule today, I was able to make very good progress on my Kroy socks. I had turned the heel on one yesterday, as well as frogging back the heel on the other. Well I got the heel turned and gusset stitches picked up on the other sock while waiting. Now both of my Kroy socks are on the foot stitches, and I have my fingers crossed that one of them will be done this week at work. I'm rotating back and forth between crocheting and my PP sock here at the desk, so the first one of that pair might be an FO by the end of the week as well... the foot is more than ½ done. I'm finished the first set of 4 repeats on Derek's sock, and will be starting the next section soon. Mainly this sock is my on-the-go project at the moment, so with my work week beginning tonight, I'm not holding my breath for any major progress over the next few days on that. I haven't brought myself up to frog my SSS sock yet again, so I *will* cast on the second ball with my Inox's, but I just haven't decided when. My Durasport is calling to me something terrible since that's intended for work socks for me, but I need to calm that voice down and get at least one other pair off the needles first.

Monday, August 21

Wearing hand-knit socks while golfing...

may make the game more enjoyable, but it's still easier to make the socks than make the shots!!!

Well Derek and I went out golfing again yesterday, this time with one of his former co-workers and his son, but I wasn't doing anywhere as well as I had when we went 2 weeks ago. At least I didn't have too many misses, I just wasn't getting anywhere. I scored 77... on the front 9!!! Our biggest problem was the weather... we were kicked off of the golf course because funnel clouds had been spotted, and one had nearly touched down at the course!

We had just come up to the 13th tee, when a group that had been behind us came up and told us that they'd been told to clear the course because of funnel clouds. We figured that unless the course marshall came, or staff, we didn't need to listen! It had been extremely windy all day, and we could see some nasty clouds off to the west a little, but nothing right where we were. As we were playing the hole, we saw more and more people leaving. We reached the green finally {it was a par 5, *gasp*}, and saw the girl in the beer cart, but she didn't stop to talk to us. We were thinking that since she didn't stop to talk to us, then we didn't need to leave. It was then that we looked at the sky over the rest of the course, since we'd been on the low end of the course at the beginning of the hole. Kildonan Park Golf Course is built on a riverbank of the Red River, and is on two "levels" due to that. Well "holy crap" doesn't quite cover our reaction. We decided to finish up since we were all on the geen at this point, and it was just beginning to drizzle. By the time we'd finished up, it was raining a little harder. I stopped for a few moments to put my cover on my bag, and get my belongings out of my bag and put them in my pocket, so I wouldn't have to do that once we reached the truck. It's a good thing I did, because on the 5 minute or so walk back to the truck, the skies opened up full force. First the rain came pouring down, then it turned sideways. We kept an eye on the clouds right by us, and the hail started. Thankfully it wasn't anything larger than pea-sized, but it still hurt like hell. Derek said later that when the hail hit, he'd looked back and could barely see me, and I wasn't even six feet away from him. By the time we reached the truck, we both looked like we'd been in the shower. I was so wet and soggy and uncomfortable it wasn't funny. My wonderful hand knit socks, which had kept my feet comfortable throughout the afternoon were now funnelling the water that was squishing through my toes. I have to admit, that my feet *did* feel dry until they were completely deluged about one third of the way back to the truck.

Derek and I went home and tried to dry off. He got online and started checking the weather websites. He found out that there had been tornadoes that had touched down in Stonewall {just northwest of the city}, and just to the east of us. Funnel clouds were being reported all over the northern edge of the city, and the storm cell that we'd been in was the southern tip of a horribly nasty cluster that was heading east, and expected to hit Kenora soon. I don't think I want to go through anything even close to that again... at least not without shelter.

Saturday, August 19

The next surprise package revealed!!!

Well Derek and I went to Rams today so I could pick up the Inox needles I wanted, as well as find out if the newest surprise packages had arrived. I wasn't so lucky with my needles... they only had 2.25 mm, so it looks like I'll be frogging my SSS yet *again*!!!! The latest Super Soxx *had* arrived and I picked up one. Apparently a lady there this morning got one that was turquiose and blue, so methinks me will be returning soon for some more. I want to complete my set of bamboo sock dpns anyway... well the longer length, I'm not going to mention the shorter ones, at least not yet! I think the one that I got will make a nice pair of Thanksgiving themed socks. It's not a colour that I would have chosen myself, but I'll live with it!

The socks are coming... the socks are coming!!!

Well I accomplished my goals yesterday. I got the hem done on the SSS, and I got my Cascading Leaves sock done.

I got pictures of the whole process so that, hopefully, I will know wtf I did when it comes time to get the second one started. I am quite impressed with how flat the hem is, and I'm guessing that this might have been what I did last time, and just didn't remember. I've gotten one repeat of the stitch pattern completed as well. The new needles aren't helping as much as I'd hoped, but I'm going to compare them to the Inox at Ram's, and see how that goes.

The toe on my second CL went like a dream. I would hazard a guess that knowing that getting the toe and ends done would mean TWO whole pairs of hand knit socks for ME to wear!!! I do need to figure out a better way of photographing completed pairs that I am wearing.
I'm still not completely thrilled with the wool I used, Scheepjes Invicta, but it's not *that* horrid either. Hopefully after washing they won't seem so fuzzy to me.
I have gotten some work done on Derek's GI Dennis socks as well. I have the stitch pattern memorized kinda for the section I am working on, and the silk feels so nice to work with. I'm not taking it to work, since the black yarn will be difficult in the low light conditions I am often knitting in at lunch {outside at 3 am is *not* ideal lighting}. It fits nicely into my current tote that I am using for a purse, and it's not hard at all to get a needle or two done while waiting for various things.
I know the colour on this picture is *really* bad, but I tried to get the stitch detail to photograph better. The flash would pick up the "shine" in the yarn, and you couldn't see the texture at all.

Friday, August 18

Hem Success at Last!!!

They say that pride goeth before the fall, and that is certainly true here. It's amazing what a few hours sleep on the start of a four day weekend will do for the knitting soul {especially a four day weekend that's *actually* on a weekend}!!!

Man oh man, when will I ever learn to stop overthinking things and Just Do It? I was fighting with the hem on my SSS yesterday, and gave up before I got too frustrated {this *was* smart of me BTW}. Today I went back to trying again and tried about three different ways of doing the hem before I was ready to frog it yet again and to a provisional cast on. Mental note: Do a provisional cast on for any subsequent hemmed socks. The only thing I hadn't tried was to pick up the stitches through what I'm calling the "back loop" of my cast on. I thought it would look funny, or shift over the hem half a stitch. Firstly, the last attempt at a hem {before the back loop attempt} was picking up the stitches through the first row of knitting, which made for a REALLY obvious seam, and would probably be uncomfortable as all get out. That is what made me consider the provisional cast on. Then I had what I call a Harlot moment, and decided that the possibility of having the hem HALF A BLOODY STITCH off wasn't worth the provisional, and I should give it a try anyway. Well, you can all guess now what happened? IT WORKED!!! I promptly took pictures of the whole process, and am now documenting it here. No, I'm not trying to say to you all that this is the way you should do it, I have absolutely *no* visions of knitting grandeur here, I'm simply having a written record of how the hell *I* did it so that I can do it this way again when I make the second sock! However, feel free to go ahead and copy this for yourselves if you so feel the desire to follow a nut like me!

Here I used my 2.25 mm Boye dpn to pick up the back loop of my cast on. I had started my cast on where the red met the white and charcoal jacquard section. My first attempts were to pick up the red stitches, which were actually the "long tail" of my long tail cast-on.

Once the initial 4 or 5 picked up stitches were worked in, I could simply pick up the yarn through the stitches of the cast-on on my own. This made the rest of the hem a lot faster to work, except with the last few stitches which were a bit fussy, but nothing worth using my extra dpn for.

Here is the hem completely joined, and the first round of stockinette knitted.

This is a close-up of the now-joined hem. It's difficult to tell truly how flat this hem turned out, but I'm very pleased.

It's picture time!

Well I finally uploaded a week's worth of photos to my computer, so I can now update you on some of my progress with photographic evidence!!! I haven't taken any pictures of Derek's current sock yet, but I will rectify that when I shoot my Cascading Leaves completed pair.

Here's me trying on my first Pretty Petals sock. I was testing it out to see if I'd decreased enough for the gusset. It fits nice and snug, so I guess I did!

Here you can see the completed gusset.

I tried to take a good picture of the top of the foot. I decided to continue one pattern and the eyelet-bordered purl bands down the foot. It makes it slower going since I need to follow the pattern, and therefore can't have it as my back-and-forth-to-work sock, I think the finished result will be worth the extra time involved.

Here is the first part of the hem and the picot edging for my SSS sock that I restarted yesterday.

Here is the completed hem, just prior to joining it. I was having much more trouble trying to join the hem than I had the first time around, so I put it away before I got completely frustrated.

I have two main goals knitting-wise today. One of my goals is to get that hem done, so I can get started on the pattern proper. Then the sock will able to be a "work" project. My second goal is to finish my current work project, which is my second Cascading Leaves sock. I am about to start the toe decreases, so it's an easily achievable goal. I'm embarking on a four day weekend here, so I am hoping to get the heel turned on my second Kroy sock, as well as the heel on the first one frogged back and reknit. Both socks will be able to go back into "work" rotation then as well.

Tuesday, August 15

Anyone got an extra pair of hands they can spare?

And while you're at it, I'd love a pair of arms to go with them. Well it didn't take long, but my hands are already complaining about my increase in crochet volume. I woke up with the horrendous pain that I've been so mainly mercifully free of for ages.

I'm still knitting away in between crochet mini-goals... it's the best way to get through the slogging parts. I'm nearly done the gusset of my first Pretty Petals. Continuing the pattern over the top of the foot is still driving me batty, but one more set of decreases and I'll be checking the fit to see if I can just knit even until the toe. I'm done the second repeat of the first pattern in Derek's GI Dennis/ Regia Silk socks. This continues to be a dreamy knit, even though the yarn feels springy in comparison to others I have used. I'm a few rounds away from heel turn on Kroy Sock #2, so then I can write down my generic sock pattern and get working on the feet of these two. Cascading Leaves #2 is nearly done the foot. I need to count the rows yet, but I *know* that I'm more than half-way to the toe. My SSS sock is now dreadfully stalled. I *had* checked the fit the other day, and decided that I needed to frog and restart. I just needed to figure out what size needles to change to, and how many stitches to cast on. Well this morning, I went to model my cuff on the webcam to Lyz, and it felt perfect!!! Now I'm completely befuddled. I will have to take a bit of time now to decide if I'm gonna frog it or not. I guess now if I *do* frog, I'll go get the 2.25 mm Inox needles from Rams.

Saturday, August 12

A bass-ackward life...

For the majority of you, it's the weekend... not me, it's mid-week. Friday night is like my Wednesday. It *does* mean, however, that I *should* be able to sleep more than an hour or two per day unlike the three hours that I've gotten since I woke up Thursday morning. But, being my work-week, it means that I can knit to my heart's content without guilt. The goals I have set for myself crochet-wise over the next two months are during my "days off", so all I *need* to crochet during my work week, is anything I fell behind in, which should only take a day or so.

Status Reports:
Pretty Petals Socks: I've gotten a few rows further into the foot of my Pretty Petals. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to redistribute the stitches, or if I will simply wait until I've finished the gusset, and then mark the beginning of the round. Scales Skin Socks: I tried on my SSS socks, and I'm going to have to frog it and restart it. I'll likely cast on the next smaller size, and use a set of 2.75 mm dpns, and see how that goes. I'm not feeling up to all that, so I'll set it aside for a few more days. I may need to free up a set of needles anyway, or simply use my 2.25s instead. Derek's Dennis Socks: I've gotten a few more rows into that sock as well. The garter rib variation that borders the stitch pattern is a little awkward, but otherwise the pattern is really easy to follow, and the Regia Silk Shine is a dream to knit with. Crocheted Tote Purse: I've dug this design out and restarted it again. I'm going to be teaching one of my co-workers to crochet, so this will likely be my main back-and-forth project for work.

Thursday, August 10

Oh my aching fingers!!!

Well after being completely insulted by my best friend's reaction to yesterday's post, my fingers decided they had enough of crocheting for a little while. I did take a couple pics for my running commentary on the project though before switching over to the sock-du-jour, my Pretty Petals. I had been working on the heel flap before it got set aside a few days ago. Well I got the heel turned, and am currently working on the gusset decreases. It sure is a thinking exercise since I'm continuing one repeat of the petal pattern over the top of the foot. One round is the decreases for the gusset, and the next round is the pattern across the top of the foot. I've got it on 3 needles right now, and I really need to figure out a way to separate the petal pattern so I can put it back on four working needles.

In other news, I got Britt's hair re-dyed today and all the brown patches from the first go round are gone. The colour is a lot deeper now too. I also bit the bullet and dyed mine too... I'm about to go wash it out, so I can't tell you how it turned out yet! As long as I don't lose too much hair {I've been losing it nearly in clumps for the last few weeks} when rinsing, it will look a heckuva lot better than the horridly grey it is was before. I also need to decide which project to take with me to work tonight. Now that the renovation at our store is done, my hours have returned to normal. This means that my crocheting lessons with a co-worker can resume start finally. I have a couple of socks that I *could* take, but I really *should* dig out the shtuff for my summer tote purse... let's see what I decide to make time for!!!

Wednesday, August 9

What is this thing anyway?

I have a few of these on my desk that I use for picking up dropped stitches, and repairing boo-boos on my knitting, but I can't seem to recall what other use(s) they may have. I *did* find this on a Google search:
Image 'borrowed' from The Crochet Guild of America

That explains what it *is*, but not what it *does*... well other than for fixing knitting mistakes!!! Now that is what my best friend would think I'd be saying at this point! She teases me all the time about not crocheting anymore! Well she is in for a shock... Lyz, you sitting down? buckled in? no coffee or other items that can expectorate in your mouth? Good, now you can continue to read!!! I will have a crochet hook in my hands for 95% of the time for the next 2 months!!! The year has just blown by me, and I'm left in a serious crunch, with 4 big projects needing to be done by the end of September. One of the projects is a secret because the recipient is an occasional reader of my blog... that project will be revealed in its entirety {including timelines and progress photos} after it has been gifted. I also have a baby afghan that I need to make by the time my vacation week is done in September. I still need to make a baby afghan for my friend Daryl, since the original became a burnt offering. Colton's birthday is in late September or early October {I can't remember right now}, so I'll make him one for then. If my hands allow me to, I'd also like to get Wayne's afghan done during this time. Since all of these projects will be taking the same hook, I might as well get them all done at the same time. I still have socks that I need to knit, and I'm stumbling through trying to design Derek some winter work wear, but other than that, it's gonna be hooker heaven here!

Tuesday, August 8

What to do???

I was thinking today that I didn't have enough projects on the go I should make Derek a sweater for work, now that he can actually wear nice clothes on a daily basis. What I would really like for him is something of a classic cardigan, perhaps cabled, in a sportweight yarn. Do you think I could find *anything* online that even comes close??? I'm either going to have to do some serious searching at Rams, combine about 6 different patterns I found online, or just bite the bullet and design one. I *did* find quite a few nice pullovers, but I can't see him wearing them to work that often. Although if the current problems they seem to have in getting him his work shirts continues, it may be a good idea after all. I'm going to sit on this idea for a while, and put the bug in the ear of the ladies there at Rams, to see if they can find something suitable for me.

Golf is harder than knitting socks!

I never cease to be amazed by the comments I get while SKIP {sock knitting in public}. Especially when I was in Thompson, and I did a lot of waiting in public for food orders and such and got a lot of feedback on how difficult *that* must be. I guess that most of the people that see me regularly are used to seeing sticks and other assorted sharp object coming out of my extremities. I have to admit that I was pretty daunted by the whole dpns sticking out everywhere and such until I started my first sock. Hard to believe that was only a year ago! Now look at me, I'm searching out newer and fancier dpns, and they are getting ever tinier too! I've been using 2.5 mm quite a bit lately, and I was shocked to discover that I *noticed* the difference in size when I cast on Derek's newest sock on 2.75s yesterday! That observation turned into my mantra for the day! I've also come to the realization that Regia Silk is even nicer than Lana Grossa Maya while being knit! We'll see how these two fare once they are both done!

I took a chance with my back and went to play 9 holes of golf with Derek yesterday. Between not sleeping since I worked that night, and my back, I wouldn't commit to a full 18 holes. It's a good thing too, because by the time we hit the links in the afternoon, the course we went to was jammed. It took over 2 hours to get 9 holes done, and the couple we were paired with said that it took nearly 5 hours for them to do 18. I made the mistake of saying at the first tee {actually the 10th, since we golfed the back 9} that I should have brought my sock {it was in my bag, back at the truck}. Derek actually got upset with me!!! "This is GOLF time, not CROCHETING time!!!" But we had to wait over 10 minutes to tee off, and another 10 minutes again at the 17th tee... do you know how many needles I could have done in that time?!?!?! Oh well, I did manage to have my best game ever. I'm not sure if it was because I was taking it really easy so I wouldn't hurt my back, or if it was because we were paired up with another twosome, but I actually hit the ball nearly every time. It wasn't until about the 16th hole that I actually missed the ball while swinging!!! And that only happened about 2 or 3 times total on those last 3 holes. Since we weren't playing with Dave and Louise, there weren't any magic balls, or dropping my ball *after* the water, so I actually had to hit it OVER the few water hazards they had --- AND I DID IT!!! --- I didn't lose one ball all day! On one hole, I thought I lost my ball in the reeds at the creek edge, and was shocked to find that my ball was actually a good 10 yards *past* the creek edge! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since this was my first round this season, and I haven't even been to the driving range at all. There may be hope for me yet!

Saturday, August 5

Like I *really* needed more sock yarn!!!

Well Derek got off of work early yesterday for the long weekend, so I asked him if we could go to Rams. I had a few things in mind to buy, as well as a show-and-tell session since I hadn't brought in any FOs or WIPs in a while. I was hoping to get July's Sock Surprise package, as well as some pointier 2.5mm dpns. Of course there's always the items that follow me home as well!

I got some respectable oh's and ah's for my sock collection, and a good giggle over my Bigfoot clog. I didn't find either of the items I wanted though. It looks like my only option for my SSS socks is to frog and restart them on either 2.25s or 2.75s. I had Derek looking and feeling the sock yarn, and now that he doesn't *need* to wear wool work socks anymore, he doesn't want yarn that's scratchy at all!!! I forgot that I wanted something pink for breast cancer socks, but Derek finally decided on some Regia Silk Shine that he liked. Once I decide what I'm doing about my SSS, I'll cast on Jeanie's Dennis sock design for him.

Friday, August 4

You oughta be in pictures!

I was really busy with the camera yesterday, and I was finally able to get on my computer this morning... before the kids woke up!!! Otherwise I would have been stuck waiting yet another day to upload all of these shots! I'll start with the FOs, and then go on to the WIPs.

Britt's Ankle SoxHere are the ankle socks that I knitted up for my neice Brittany while she's visiting us here this summer. They were a fast-to-finish project, but they took a while since they kept getting put aside for the Maple Leaves. I used less than one ball of my Bernat Sox for these, and knit them on 3.25mm dpns. I used the acrylic sock yarn for her socks since I know these won't get any kind of special care once they get home... being 75% acrylic/ 25% nylon, they should hold up to regular machine washing and drying, like the socks I knitted for the girls.
Maple Leaves DoneHere are my Maple Leaf socks all done! This is only the second pair of socks that I have knit for myself, and the only pair with the ends all woven in. I haven't taken them off since I put them on for this picture. I feel so luxurious wearing hand-knit socks for the first time!
CL #2Here is my second CL sock at the very beginning of the heel flap. I should have these done soon as they are my take-along project right now. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the wool has a bit of a haze to it, and I'm not sure if I'm liking that or not.
PP begins Here is my typical start-of-KAL shot... I couldn't help myself and knit away like crazy on them before I took any photos. That's what happens when you throw your back out and your camera needs to be charged!!! I'm using Lana Grossa Maya in a blue colourway, and my 2.5mm bamboo dpns.
PP progressThis is how much I got done in less than three days of knitting, and still working on other projects as well. I am *loving* this yarn!!! BTW: this is four of five pattern repeats for the leg.
PP stitch close upIt may be hard to see the stitch definition in this photo, but the yarn is really holding up well, with no fuzziness or droopiness {is that even a word?}. The slight sheen isn't really evident in this photo either, but it's there, albeit very subtle.
Starting SSSHere's the start of my Scales Skin Socks. The picot hem is actually a folded over hem, which will make the top of the leg very comfortable, since there won't be a cast-on edge to fight with. The slipped yos that create the scales make this pattern slow going, but I'm not pushing myself. I'm using Dazzle Super Socks and 2.5mm Skacel dpns. If I had my druthers, I'd be using some sharper dpns so that coaxing over the yos would be easier. If you see the gold dpn in this photo, that's the 2.25mm Boye dpn that I used for folding over the hem as well as my scale maker!
SSS Stitch Close-upHere's a close-up of the SSS stitch. You can see the subtlety of the picot edge. This pattern is allowing the jacquard yarn to still "do its stuff", but the scales are adding the slightest touch of texture. I'm extremely pleased!

Thursday, August 3

The socks are coming!!!

I must be permanently afflicted with a terminal case of sockitis! I've got so many socks on the go, I wonder if I will ever have a matched pair! Actually, I LIE!!! I have a pair of COMPLETELY FINISHED Maple Leaf socks in my knitting basket beside the couch. My camera batteries should be charged soon, so I'll take a bunch of pictures after I wake up from my "start of my weekend" nap, later on today. In the meantime, here's the status of my current sock lineup:

Basic Ribbed Kroy: This pair is currently on "back-up take along sock" status. Sock #2 will stay that way until I'm on the heel turn of my CL sock, or completely finished it. Sock #1 won't be getting worked on again until I've turned the heel on #2.
Cascading Leaves: I finished my last repeat of the leg pattern yesterday on CL#2 and am just starting the slip-stitch heel. It is currently my main "take along sock", and will remain that way until complete, with the exception of when I am doing the actual heel turn. I am undecided at present as to whether or not I will knit this pattern again for the September KAL, or if I will sit it out, since I prefer to do a pattern only once {with the exception of "plain" socks}. I do have to say that I'm getting pretty disappointed with the Scheepjes. I can't recall from when I first bought the yarn, but it's starting to look kind of fuzzy and worn, and I'm not even finished knitting it yet.
Pretty Petals {KAL}: I'm on my 3rd repeat of the leg pattern. I've fallen hopelessly in love with the Lana Grossa Maya yarn. It's sooooooo soft and cushy! It's only available in 4 colourways at Rams, and only 3 of those that I like, but I see many, many, *many* pairs of socks out of this yarn in my future. Even Derek likes it, so I'll probably make him at least one pair out of the blue colourway that I'm using for this pattern. This sock is currently my main "at home sock knitting" project. Until I'm finished the pattern repeats and the heel turn, I won't be able to carry this project with me anywhere.
Scales Skin/ SSS {KAL}: This is my first 6 Sox KAL pattern. I chose one of my jacquard yarns to do this pattern in, and am trying out my Skacel dpns. The jacquard is a great choice for this pattern, as the self-patterning nature of the yarn isn't lost in the knitting, and the knitting isn't lost in the self-patterning. The way the scales float adds just the right touch of texture. The Skacel needles weren't my best choice though. The tips aren't all that pointy, which I need to pass over the yo floats which create the scales. I'm mucking through by using a smaller and pointier dpn to coax over the stubborn ones. Because of my trouble with the scales, this pattern is relatively slow-going, but I have 2 months to complete the pair, so I'm not pushing myself. For the time being, I am doing one pattern repeat {4 rows} per day on this sock. Overall, I'm quite happy with the pattern, and the cuff is really different from anything I've ever done before cool.

Well I'm off to finish my daily dose of the SSS sock, then it's PP until I fall asleep. I promise progress and stash pics later... and maybe even some ends done on Derek's blue socks!!!

Tuesday, August 1

Still grunting and groaning...

Alas, my back is just the slightest amount better today. I will be switching over to using heat packs instead of ice packs a little later. Hopefully that will help me be able to actually go to work today. I'm *not* looking forward to my next paycheque at all now. I'm going to ask about my sick pay... I might be able to get paid for last night, but I need to find out if I need a doctor's note for it. I can't even get out of the house right now, so there's no way I'd be able to get one.

I do have some good news though... I saved a bunch of money by switching to Geiko I finished my ML socks and started my PP ones. I did the ribbing on them last night, and the first repeat of the pattern this morning before coming to the computer. I also got Brittany's ankle socks done last night. I haven't had the energy to try and find batteries, so I'm still picture-less.

In other news, after 3 or 4 attempts, my membership in the 6 Sox KAL was finally accepted. The newest pattern starts today, so if I can find my sock yarn stash easily enough, I'll probably get started on those over the next day or two as well. I only need to knit one sock a month, so it will fit in quite nicely I think with the rest of my sock knitting adventures.

Monday, July 31

Triumph over pain... well soon I hope!

Somehow, someway, I managed to throw my back out at work on Saturday night. I hobbled home, and spent about 3 hours at the computer before sitting was no longer "a good thing" for my back. The next 12 hours were spent writhing in pain on the bed, when I wasn't passed out from the Tylenol. Getting up to go to the washroom upstairs was a new experience. Even crawling up and down them when I was in labour with Alex wasn't as difficult as it was yesterday. The worst part of it all was when I couldn't knit or crochet. I really wanted to make some good progress on my ML sock, but my back would *not* cooperate. Finally around 9 or 10-ish I forced myself out of bed and whimpered most pathetically as I tried to get into a relatively comfortable position while sitting. It wasn't until about eleven that I was able to be upright enough without my back spasming me into hysterics. Since I had slept a good portion of the day away {an allowed offense since I *do* work nights} I was able to get some good knitting time in until I tried lying down again around 2 or 3. Derek got up for work at 4, and I managed to get myself into a relatively vertical position again. A quick attempt at the computer proved futile, so the couch it was for me. With a decent knitting posture finally possible, I did get my sock to progress more than I had expected after my injury. I have about 25 more rows to go before I start the toe decreases. This means that with some luck, I'll be able to cast on my Pretty Petals sometime tomorrow.

Since I had made so much unexpected progress on my sock, I decided to try working on my curtain a little bit. The Addi I bought on Tuesday is dreamy. Granted, I *am* comparing it to a Red Heart circ, but other than a little bit of yarn catching at the join {which could me being hyper-sensitive}, it's everything I could have dreamed of. The needle itself is silky smooth, and the cord is so thin and flexible, it might as well not even be there! I'm heading back to the couch for some down time, and will hopefully be able to test out my Addi some more today.

Saturday, July 29

Maple Leaves on the way out, Pretty Petals on the way in...

Well my batteries are dead in the camera, so I'll need to change them. Today is supposed to be cleaning day, so I'll have to wait until later to get fresh batteries and take all the shots I need. I have my heel turned, and am currently working on the gusset decreases for my second sock. I've got about 50 or so more rows until I do my toe decreases, and I hope that I can get all that done by Monday. I will be using the same set of needles that I used for my ML socks, on the PP ones. They are a really nice set of 2.5 mm bamboo dpns. I bought this yarn in the Blue Mix colourway for the PP. I had the Plum Coral already, but they haven't told me which pattern they want to be yet. I've also chosen {but not purchased} my wool for the Cascading Leaves KAL which starts on Sept. 1st. It will be Regia 4fadig in the Royal/ Turquiose colourway. I used this same wool in the Red/ Wine colourway for my Maple Leaves. I really like the way the 4 different colours plied together seems to really show off the pattern without being a boring solid.

Friday, July 28

Bright Idea # 926 {aka: Geeks will be geeks!}

Well I didn't get any pics taken today. In typical geek fashion, I got sidetracked by computer stuff and coding! I've got a completely new layout for my blog, and I think it looks pretty spiffy. It took nearly the entire afternoon, but I finally have it mostly the way I want it. This is what happens when a geek decides to finally do a long overdue update of their sidebar. It turns into a complete renovation of the site. Doesn't this sound like one of my typical not so bright ideas? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the new look of The Purl in the Oyster.

One week later...

Well Derek has survived 5 working days of being shaved and coming home clean. He didn't think it would be possible, but it was! He even wore his Mission Falls socks to work yesterday and said that they were really comfy in his shoes! That's even more motivation to get his blue ones finished off.

I'm going to have to take some status and stash shots later on. I went to Ram's on Tuesday to pick up my first Addi ever, and brought home yarn for the next KAL, Pretty Petals.

I've just finished turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches for my second ML sock. I've spent most of my week working on Britt's anklet and one of my Kroy socks. I need to get my ML sock done by Monday so that I'm ready for the cast-on on Tuesday.

More to follow...

Saturday, July 22

Derek, before and after!

Derek has been working in the tire business ever since he moved to Winnipeg over 6 years ago, and quite a bit before that too. He's finally made it into the office now after talking to his boss about getting out of the shop. He has quite a bit of adjustment to do to his new responsibilities, as well as the new dress code that he needs to follow as a paper pusher instead of a tire man. I'm positive that I will get used to his new look a lot sooner than he will!!!

Here is what Derek used to look like on a typical day at work. He's all filthy, smells like tires and sweat, and is in desperate need of a haircut and shave... don't forget the ever-present ballcap!

This is what Derek looks like now that he's gotten a promotion... and he looks like this when he comes home too!

Other WIPs to report on.

Since I am *far* from a monogamous knitter, I've got tons of other projects on the go at all times. Other than the ML KAL, two of the more than I can count projects I'm working on are Fiber Trends clogs, and Cascading Leaves socks.

This picture shows just how big these things are before you put them in the washer. I feel like Bigfoot wearing it. Derek is concerned that it won't felt enough. I think that's just because he's afraid I'll make him wear them!!! If they actually *are* too big, I'll just pass them on to my best friend Lyz, because she *is* a decendant of the original Bigfoot!!!

This pic shows the clog in relation to the tile floor. The tile is 12", so you know this is a yeti-sized slipper at this point! I'm doing mine in Patons Classic Merino in a deep plum, and light pink colour. I hope these look as good felted as they do un-felted.

I finished this sock while I was in Thompson, but I was too lazy had forgotten to could have cared less hadn't taken a photo until now.

This pic shows the lace on the leg a lot better, but until I get a sock blocker, any pictures of my own socks will be sadly lacking.

Maple Leaf KAL update

Well I've been working hard on my ML socks. Once I got the gusset picked up, I was able to bring it with me back and forth to work, and the foot progressed along faster. I've put it aside a bit as I work on Britt's ankle sock, as well as my clogs. The second sock is on the needles and I'm working on my second leaf repeat. Even though I finished my sock earlier this week, I just got around to finally taking pics of the finished sock until just before doing this post.

Here is my sock just before I started the toe decreases. Please ignore my work boot callous on the top of my foot! I must have tried this sock on half a dozen times, and even frogged it back a bit to make the toe more pleasing. I'm beginning to think I should start knitting right and left socks.

Here is another shot of the sock pre-toe. You can see the gusset and leaf pattern a little better here. I felt like a porcupine rying these on!

Here you can see my first sock all done, toe kitchenered, and ends all woven in. You can also see how the toe looks a little lop-sided, which is making me consider to make right and left socks from now on.

You can see the eyelets for the leaves with this angle, and the sock on my foot. Until I get a sock blocker, I'm stuck with lousy shots of the legs of my socks. IMO, this photo does show off the colour of the finished sock really well.