Friday, September 1

Friday Progress...

I like the idea of being responsible to myself {and to anyone that actually reads this tripe}, about my continuing goals and progress. This week wasn't the greatest personally, which is reflected in the complete lack of posts. I *have*, however, taken pictures of my current WIPs, including the latest to be added, the baby afghan for Sandi and Rod... due in 19 days. As always, clicking on any of the pictures will bring you to a larger version that you can see in more detail.

Girly work shoesI'm just tickled about my "girly" work shoes, so I *had* to blog them! Here they are with my Durasport which will soon be a pair of work socks for said shoes.

Dura balled upHere's the Durasport all balled up. It's going to be rough on my hands, but well worth it. Progress on my socks is below.

Round Ripple BabyghanI came home from work early last night, and was able to get started on Round Ripple the 2nd... My friends Sandi and Rod are expecting, and of course a new baby is the prefect reason to stash bust! Rebecca found a bunch of this pretty vari in my cryogengics lab, so I have plenty for a HUGE blankie for baby. I think I've done pretty good for less than a day's work. Like I did with my last crochet project, I'm alternating between this and my knitting to save my hands.

Pretty Petals sock #2Here's the second PP sock. I haven't made a lot of progress in it this week, but that's mainly because I've been rotating between my various socks until one grabs me.

Scales Skin SockHere's the THIRD incarnation of my SSS socks. They are actually getting somewhere since I've been doing at least one repeat a day on them. I'm tempted to turn these into my "back and forth to work" sock once the Kroy is done, but the yo round is so slow going, I'm afraid to. The Inox needles, while *much* heavier than what I'm used to, are the perfect dpn for this project.

GI Dennis sock in Regia Silk ShineHere's Derek's Regia Silk Shine sock done with Jeanie Townsend's GI Dennis pattern. I've gotten the first 2 complete patterns done, and I'm back to the tractor tires. I think I will do 3 "tires", and 2 "furrows" to complete the leg before starting the heel. I really hope Derek likes these.

Kroy sock #2My current sock for at work is coming along nicely. I'm not touching it at home, so all this is, is 2-3 days of work progress. The gusset is now completely done, and it's smooth sailing from now until I hit the toe. Even though I'm on vacation next week, I'll probably push it to complete this one... especially once I choose my next at work sock.

Cabled Dura SockLast, but cetainly not least... my own design done in Briggs & Little Durasport. You can't tell yet, as I've just started these yesterday, but I've incorporated two cable patterns into the leg of the sock. I'm really excited about these. I *was* going to wait until the Kroy was done, but since I've decided to go with the cable design, I don't think these will be an "at work" replacement anyway. I'm thrilled to be learning cables finally, and even more excited at designing my own. Wish me luck!!!


Ariannah Armstrong said...

All those socks! Now I feel better about the 4 I have cast on. they look great! Can't wait to see the dura progress!

Nicole said...

Well I didn't post a pic of the other SON I have, a ribbed sock for one of the girls in camoflauge Bernat Sox! *blush* Those are a UFO currently.