Saturday, September 9

I broke 200!!!

Yes, you heard it here first... I actually broke 200 at golf today! ROFL!!! I've got some pics of me, and some pics of some deer that we saw today. Derek actually had his best round yet, and broke 80... 79 to be exact. I'll upload the pics to LJ tomorrow. I'm exhausted right now as our game took a *lot* longer than it should have due to a tournament.


Knitting Rose said...

I found in order to post pictures to blogger i have to use Mozilla firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It's free - you should try it.

Nicole said...

Unfortunately, the Moz/FF work-around doesn't always work. I've been checking things out on the Blogger Google group, and the uploading problems are wide-spread. I will continue trying to upload here when I can, but in the meantime I have my LJ account to fall back on.