Tuesday, September 12

I'm on a mission... a sock mission that is!

That's right, I'm on a mission to see how many socks I can finish this week. My brain is ready to explode with all the designs I have in mind, and I *need* to get them out! I think I should be able to finish quite a few of my SIPs. Derek's sock is nearly half-way down the foot, and if I don't run out of yarn, I should have no problems finishing it. My cabled sock is past the gusset decreases, as is my SSS. My Kroy sock is half-way down the foot, and PP#2 is on the last leg repeat.

I balled up my new Dura for another work sock design, and I started a new design last night out of a stray ball of Jawoll. These ones are going to be anklets for me, but I'm going to do full-length versions for the girls once these are done. I'm on the heel of my first ankle sock, so I should easily be able to get at least one done this week.

I stabbed a hole in my finger on Sunday from the SSS and Dura socks. Knitting at work on Sunday night was *interesting* to say the least!!! I've discovered that a band-aid over the offending hole doesn't affect my knitting, so I'm still cruising. If anything, it's making all knitting easier since I can't feel the poke of any needle there!!!

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