Saturday, March 26

Quack, quack, quack!!!

Well the pattern for the ducky dishy is posted! I finished my feather and fans cloth last night, but I didn't read the pattern properly and it's too short! LOL!!! That's okay, if I would have made it the size called for in the pattern, it would have been big enough to be a dish towel, rather than just a dish cloth. I got some of my shawl worked on last night while watching "The Incredibles", and got a few rows of the ribbing on my sweater done today. Well... off to peruse my newest acquisitions -- March DC, April MC, and Women's Life Country Afghans 2005.

Thursday, March 24

Another fishy in "dah wah-dah"!

Well I finally finished the fishy dishy I had on my needles since last week when Brian and I were doing all the file transfers. I've started a feather and fans dishcloth. The pattern calls for 5.00 mm needles, but I had 4.00 mm or 5.50 mm here at my desk. I decided to use the 5.5o mm. The pattern is going quite well, but it's hard trying to keep 58 stitches on my super shorty needles! I just finished my 9th row, and the pattern is starting to appear. The pounder of cotton I'm using is Bernat's Marble Print. It sure is a cute one IMO. The ball is finally starting to look deflated, so probably some time in the next week I'll have it all used up.

I didn't work on the Boa scarves at all today since I was concentrating on finishing the fishy dishy. I won't be able to work on them now for nearly 2 weeks since the kids are home for spring break next week. That's okay... I'll be able to finish off my current ball of cotton yarn.

While out shopping tonight I found some royal blue and some yellow yarn for the Everton ghan. I'm pretty sure I have some of the yellow in my stash, but I'll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can pick up the pounder of royal that was there. Hopefully by then, work will have gotten some RHSS in so I can get some samples of that too. Since April has 3 of the kids birthdays, and the beginning of June is our anniversary as well as Derek's b-day, I'm hoping I can get the yarn purchased in mid-June. Rebecca's birthday is then too, but I think I can squeeze in the yarn too. Especially since I start back on five days a week in two weeks, there should be no reason we can't afford it then. That will give me well over 6 months to complete it.

So much yarn... so little time!

Well like I don't have enough to do already! My best male friend is getting married next year, and I've finally figgered out what I'm going to make them for a wedding present. It's gonna be a big project and take some time to design as well as make. I also have to send out some samples of yarn to the UK for colour approval! It's gonna be a graphed afghan of the Everton Football club, so colour *is* critical. It's gonna be a surprise for his partner! Little does Brian know, but I'm gonna be talking to his partner to make another gift that's a complete surprise to him! *teehee*

I'm still working on finishing up little projects here, trying to clear out some partial balls of yarn. I got a really cute afghan pattern last night that will make a neat looking scrappy, so that will take care of some of the acrylic I've got laying around. I'm also trying to finish up the Boa scarves that were supposed to be Christmas gifts. Hmmm... maybe I should have called this post "So many UFOs, so little time!" *ROFL* Oh, and I nearly forgot... three of the kids have birthdays in April, and I'm behind on making their hope chest items.

I better get hooking!!!

Wednesday, March 23

I haven't posted in *HOW* long???

Wow... has it really been over a month since I posted? Sheesh! Life sure seems to have a way of catching up with me these days! I've been doing a lot of knitting though, and that's a good thing. It relaxes me. I sorta designed a dishcloth for St. Patrick's Day -- I took a chart that Lyz had found for me, and wrote it into a knitting pattern. Even though it's only a few days before Easter, I still want to do 2 Easter-themed ones... a duck and a chicken probably. I did get a new crochet design done -- a water bottle holder. I will have to figure out my new digital camera and take a picture of it {and get the pattern written up and posted to the Bistro}. I haven't decided yet whether or not to have it as a chargable pattern or not... decisions, decisions.