Thursday, March 24

Another fishy in "dah wah-dah"!

Well I finally finished the fishy dishy I had on my needles since last week when Brian and I were doing all the file transfers. I've started a feather and fans dishcloth. The pattern calls for 5.00 mm needles, but I had 4.00 mm or 5.50 mm here at my desk. I decided to use the 5.5o mm. The pattern is going quite well, but it's hard trying to keep 58 stitches on my super shorty needles! I just finished my 9th row, and the pattern is starting to appear. The pounder of cotton I'm using is Bernat's Marble Print. It sure is a cute one IMO. The ball is finally starting to look deflated, so probably some time in the next week I'll have it all used up.

I didn't work on the Boa scarves at all today since I was concentrating on finishing the fishy dishy. I won't be able to work on them now for nearly 2 weeks since the kids are home for spring break next week. That's okay... I'll be able to finish off my current ball of cotton yarn.

While out shopping tonight I found some royal blue and some yellow yarn for the Everton ghan. I'm pretty sure I have some of the yellow in my stash, but I'll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can pick up the pounder of royal that was there. Hopefully by then, work will have gotten some RHSS in so I can get some samples of that too. Since April has 3 of the kids birthdays, and the beginning of June is our anniversary as well as Derek's b-day, I'm hoping I can get the yarn purchased in mid-June. Rebecca's birthday is then too, but I think I can squeeze in the yarn too. Especially since I start back on five days a week in two weeks, there should be no reason we can't afford it then. That will give me well over 6 months to complete it.

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