Thursday, March 24

So much yarn... so little time!

Well like I don't have enough to do already! My best male friend is getting married next year, and I've finally figgered out what I'm going to make them for a wedding present. It's gonna be a big project and take some time to design as well as make. I also have to send out some samples of yarn to the UK for colour approval! It's gonna be a graphed afghan of the Everton Football club, so colour *is* critical. It's gonna be a surprise for his partner! Little does Brian know, but I'm gonna be talking to his partner to make another gift that's a complete surprise to him! *teehee*

I'm still working on finishing up little projects here, trying to clear out some partial balls of yarn. I got a really cute afghan pattern last night that will make a neat looking scrappy, so that will take care of some of the acrylic I've got laying around. I'm also trying to finish up the Boa scarves that were supposed to be Christmas gifts. Hmmm... maybe I should have called this post "So many UFOs, so little time!" *ROFL* Oh, and I nearly forgot... three of the kids have birthdays in April, and I'm behind on making their hope chest items.

I better get hooking!!!

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