Sunday, September 16

This dial-up crap is just that... CRAP!!!

I'm still connecting at 28.8, and getting even more disgusted with it! It takes me over half an hour to download the 60-Second Science podcast!!! I'm back working at Wal-mart, but still hoping for other options... particularly once our house back in Winnipeg sells.

One of the things I'm working on is selling yarn through my web site. I had to take it all down when we moved since we changed ISPs. Once *my* computer is up and running, I want to completely re-vamp it. Part of that will be offering yarn for sale. I've been contacting several Canadian yarn companies, and have gotten, or will be getting wholesale information from them. I'm not going to jinx it, but hopefully I will have my first items up in time for Christmas. I'm starting with Canadian products that I already use and love, so that I can whole-heartedly recommend them. I'm also working on some designs that utilize these wools... perhaps available in kit form.

Since my shifts were all screwy this week, I've gotten very little done knitting/ crocheting-wise. I *did* take a first-aid course yesterday, and I scored 100% on my exam! I'm now first-aid certified!!! I've gotten a bit further in my F&F afghan, and a bit further on my crocheted floor mat, and a bit further on both pairs of socks currently OTN... didn't make a single dishcloth this week though.

Hopefully I will be able to post again before my weekend, and that I'll have some good news to post... keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sunday, September 9

Back online... well sorta!!!

Well we are now officially residents of Griswold... or as Alex puts it, "the middle of nowhere!" The kids have started school, Derek is used to the commute on the highway, and I'm back at work on Monday night. I'm quite upset about that, as I wanted days, and was trying to find something closer... but in the meantime it will pay the other mortgage.

The biggest problem in being out here is the lack of services... BIG TIME!!! Until finances allow for a riduclous monthly internet bill, I'm stuck with dial-up. What's super crappy about it, is that I can only connect at 28.8 kbps... I'm not going to get into how long it's taking to get ANY of my podcasts!

In better news, I've finished sock pair number 18. I will need to add that to the totals, but I'm not chancing it right now as I've had major issues even logging in to blogger. I've also been knitting up dishcloths like they are going out of style. There's a flea market here on the 29th, and I'm hoping to be able to clear out a bunch of stuff. I'm also trying to work out the details in expanding my online shop... Wish me luck in all of this!