Tuesday, September 19

How many more rows to go?

I am damned and determined to finish my first SSS sometime today. The tiny 2.25mm needles are killing me on the foot! I did my usual 65 rows, and alas, the sock barely made it up to the ball of my foot. This is the only sock I'm working on ATM, so it's a doable goal, even though my housework is calling me! I'm 99.9% sure I'm not going to make the deadline of Sept. 30th for the pair -- this disappoints me, but not so bad that I'm gonna kill myself or anything. Although the sharpness of these needles may do it for me! I had poked a nasty hole in my finger last week that is now finally healed enough that I can work on the SSS again without the aid of a bandage!

I have a bunch of B&L sitting here on my desk right now. It's all nicely balled up, and I *swear* it's laughing at me because I haven't cast on yet! So far I'm resisting the urge to start another pair. I *did* go cruising looking for a new pattern to use up some of my Ram's Surprise Package stash, and I'm currently debating between Fluted Bannisters, Sixth Sense, or Lombard Street. There's another pattern that I could have sworn I saw recently, but I can't recall where right now... perhaps it was in the VK issue with all the socks. It was sort of a spiral ridged pattern... if it sounds familiar to you, drop me a line with the details on where I can find it!

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