Friday, September 15

Progress Friday {without pictures}

I still wanted to post today even though I haven't taken any progress photos yet. I finished my second Pretty Petals sock on Wednesday evening, so I have another completed pair that I need to add to my tally. Kroy sock #2 will be getting finished sometime before my weekend starts Monday morning as well {maybe even today!!!}. I started 2 new socks this week, both different versions of the same pattern --- a new design I'm working on. Derek's sock is over half-way through the foot, so it will be getting finished soon too. My SSS is about a third of the way down the foot, so I still have a chance to finish a second one before the end of the month, and enter myself into the contest at the Six Sox Knitalong. My cabled sock is coming along slower now. I injured my knitting finger, so I can only knit my tougher socks with a bandaid over it! Plus, one of the needles was accidentally pulled out, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet!

Well I'm going back to my knitting, and crocheting too I suppose since I haven't done much on the babyghan! Once I get Kroy #2 done, I'll post pics --- here if Blogger lets me, and definitely in my FO Gallery at LJ.

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