Saturday, August 12

A bass-ackward life...

For the majority of you, it's the weekend... not me, it's mid-week. Friday night is like my Wednesday. It *does* mean, however, that I *should* be able to sleep more than an hour or two per day unlike the three hours that I've gotten since I woke up Thursday morning. But, being my work-week, it means that I can knit to my heart's content without guilt. The goals I have set for myself crochet-wise over the next two months are during my "days off", so all I *need* to crochet during my work week, is anything I fell behind in, which should only take a day or so.

Status Reports:
Pretty Petals Socks: I've gotten a few rows further into the foot of my Pretty Petals. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to redistribute the stitches, or if I will simply wait until I've finished the gusset, and then mark the beginning of the round. Scales Skin Socks: I tried on my SSS socks, and I'm going to have to frog it and restart it. I'll likely cast on the next smaller size, and use a set of 2.75 mm dpns, and see how that goes. I'm not feeling up to all that, so I'll set it aside for a few more days. I may need to free up a set of needles anyway, or simply use my 2.25s instead. Derek's Dennis Socks: I've gotten a few more rows into that sock as well. The garter rib variation that borders the stitch pattern is a little awkward, but otherwise the pattern is really easy to follow, and the Regia Silk Shine is a dream to knit with. Crocheted Tote Purse: I've dug this design out and restarted it again. I'm going to be teaching one of my co-workers to crochet, so this will likely be my main back-and-forth project for work.

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