Thursday, August 3

The socks are coming!!!

I must be permanently afflicted with a terminal case of sockitis! I've got so many socks on the go, I wonder if I will ever have a matched pair! Actually, I LIE!!! I have a pair of COMPLETELY FINISHED Maple Leaf socks in my knitting basket beside the couch. My camera batteries should be charged soon, so I'll take a bunch of pictures after I wake up from my "start of my weekend" nap, later on today. In the meantime, here's the status of my current sock lineup:

Basic Ribbed Kroy: This pair is currently on "back-up take along sock" status. Sock #2 will stay that way until I'm on the heel turn of my CL sock, or completely finished it. Sock #1 won't be getting worked on again until I've turned the heel on #2.
Cascading Leaves: I finished my last repeat of the leg pattern yesterday on CL#2 and am just starting the slip-stitch heel. It is currently my main "take along sock", and will remain that way until complete, with the exception of when I am doing the actual heel turn. I am undecided at present as to whether or not I will knit this pattern again for the September KAL, or if I will sit it out, since I prefer to do a pattern only once {with the exception of "plain" socks}. I do have to say that I'm getting pretty disappointed with the Scheepjes. I can't recall from when I first bought the yarn, but it's starting to look kind of fuzzy and worn, and I'm not even finished knitting it yet.
Pretty Petals {KAL}: I'm on my 3rd repeat of the leg pattern. I've fallen hopelessly in love with the Lana Grossa Maya yarn. It's sooooooo soft and cushy! It's only available in 4 colourways at Rams, and only 3 of those that I like, but I see many, many, *many* pairs of socks out of this yarn in my future. Even Derek likes it, so I'll probably make him at least one pair out of the blue colourway that I'm using for this pattern. This sock is currently my main "at home sock knitting" project. Until I'm finished the pattern repeats and the heel turn, I won't be able to carry this project with me anywhere.
Scales Skin/ SSS {KAL}: This is my first 6 Sox KAL pattern. I chose one of my jacquard yarns to do this pattern in, and am trying out my Skacel dpns. The jacquard is a great choice for this pattern, as the self-patterning nature of the yarn isn't lost in the knitting, and the knitting isn't lost in the self-patterning. The way the scales float adds just the right touch of texture. The Skacel needles weren't my best choice though. The tips aren't all that pointy, which I need to pass over the yo floats which create the scales. I'm mucking through by using a smaller and pointier dpn to coax over the stubborn ones. Because of my trouble with the scales, this pattern is relatively slow-going, but I have 2 months to complete the pair, so I'm not pushing myself. For the time being, I am doing one pattern repeat {4 rows} per day on this sock. Overall, I'm quite happy with the pattern, and the cuff is really different from anything I've ever done before cool.

Well I'm off to finish my daily dose of the SSS sock, then it's PP until I fall asleep. I promise progress and stash pics later... and maybe even some ends done on Derek's blue socks!!!

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