Friday, August 18

It's picture time!

Well I finally uploaded a week's worth of photos to my computer, so I can now update you on some of my progress with photographic evidence!!! I haven't taken any pictures of Derek's current sock yet, but I will rectify that when I shoot my Cascading Leaves completed pair.

Here's me trying on my first Pretty Petals sock. I was testing it out to see if I'd decreased enough for the gusset. It fits nice and snug, so I guess I did!

Here you can see the completed gusset.

I tried to take a good picture of the top of the foot. I decided to continue one pattern and the eyelet-bordered purl bands down the foot. It makes it slower going since I need to follow the pattern, and therefore can't have it as my back-and-forth-to-work sock, I think the finished result will be worth the extra time involved.

Here is the first part of the hem and the picot edging for my SSS sock that I restarted yesterday.

Here is the completed hem, just prior to joining it. I was having much more trouble trying to join the hem than I had the first time around, so I put it away before I got completely frustrated.

I have two main goals knitting-wise today. One of my goals is to get that hem done, so I can get started on the pattern proper. Then the sock will able to be a "work" project. My second goal is to finish my current work project, which is my second Cascading Leaves sock. I am about to start the toe decreases, so it's an easily achievable goal. I'm embarking on a four day weekend here, so I am hoping to get the heel turned on my second Kroy sock, as well as the heel on the first one frogged back and reknit. Both socks will be able to go back into "work" rotation then as well.


Ariannah Armstrong said...

Those are pretty socks... I love the blue ones!

Nicole said...

That blue begged to follow me home from Rams. I'm glad it did because I think these socks are going to turn out great. Thanks for stopping by!