Tuesday, August 22

10 more pairs of socks come to live with us!

... well *potential* pairs anyway! I got a gov't benefit cheque in the mail, and my income tax refund was in, so I went SHOPPING!!! I've taken the stash shots, but haven't loaded them up yet... tomorrow probably when I've got progress on socks to report anyway.

Yesterday's shopping was at Rams. I came home with a carload!!! Needles: 2.0 and 2.25 mm bamboo dpns. Now my set of bamboos in the longer length is complete. Patterns and Magazines: Fiber Trends Butterflies & Blossoms, and Acorn socks; Patons Kids "Twister Sisters" booklet; Patons freebie sheet "Positive Energy Shawl"; and Knit.1 Summer '06. Yarn: 2 Surprise Sock Yarn packages; 2 hanks each of Briggs & Little Tuffy in green mix and oxford grey; B&L Durasport in bluejean; and 2 balls of Regia 4fadig in royal/turquoise.

Today I went and visited a new {to me} LYS. It's called Leona's Good Wool Shop, and it lives up to its name. She's got a wide variety to please every budget, even if she's so small that there's not a heck of a lot to select from {compared to Rams}. What thrills me most is that her stock overlaps very little with them... it's nearly ALL different, which is *very* desirable in a city with only two LYSs. I'm not looking so much for bargains, but for selection. Her prices were excellent nonetheless. I came home with 3 more pairs of socks, a comfort cushion for my yarn hook, and a neat Patons sock book. I bought 3 different brands of sock yarn, and she also carries the Scheepjes, as well as a few Kroy, and what she has left of the now-discontinued Bernat Sox. A pretty brown, beige, cream Lang Jawoll tweed, DBG Confetti in a tigery/ Halloweenish jacquard, and Fortissima Socka Color in a rainbowy jacquard all have a new home with us. The sock booklet I bought has instructions for toe socks for kids and adults, a neat colourwork chevron pattern, and several other lace, cable, and plain socks in kids and adult sizes, as well as short and extra long lengths.

I am a very happy knitter today! Only problem is that I've got a ton of crocheting still to do. On the plus side, since the dentist was running behind schedule today, I was able to make very good progress on my Kroy socks. I had turned the heel on one yesterday, as well as frogging back the heel on the other. Well I got the heel turned and gusset stitches picked up on the other sock while waiting. Now both of my Kroy socks are on the foot stitches, and I have my fingers crossed that one of them will be done this week at work. I'm rotating back and forth between crocheting and my PP sock here at the desk, so the first one of that pair might be an FO by the end of the week as well... the foot is more than ½ done. I'm finished the first set of 4 repeats on Derek's sock, and will be starting the next section soon. Mainly this sock is my on-the-go project at the moment, so with my work week beginning tonight, I'm not holding my breath for any major progress over the next few days on that. I haven't brought myself up to frog my SSS sock yet again, so I *will* cast on the second ball with my Inox's, but I just haven't decided when. My Durasport is calling to me something terrible since that's intended for work socks for me, but I need to calm that voice down and get at least one other pair off the needles first.

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Ariannah Armstrong said...

Sounds like fun!
Hoping to see pics soon!