Thursday, August 24

And on the eighth day, she created socks!!!

With all the sock yarn recently added to my stash, I'm going to *need* an eighth day every week simply for knitting!!! Not that I couldn't have used it before. I've decided to go with smaller pics on the blog main page, so if you'd like to see any of these in greater detail, simply click on the picture and it will take you to a larger version of it.

This is the Briggs & Little I picked up at Rams on Monday. There is one hank of Durasport in "Bluejean" for work socks for me. I also bought 4 hanks of Tuffy. There is two hanks each of a charcoal grey and olive green to make some winter socks for Derek. I'm using the excuse that I need to use up the rest of the cream Tuffy from his first pair!!!

Here is the complete collection of yarn that came home on Monday. I also completed my bamboo dpn collection and added a few more patterns to my stash! Clockwise from top left: Regia 4 fadig; Sisu; Super Soxx {2 balls}; B&L Tuffy {3 hanks}; B&L Durasport; and B&L Tuffy. Not all of the yarn has been earmarked for future projects yet. The pink Sisu is for some breast cancer ribbon socks, and the B&L is all for work socks for Derek and I. When the time comes, I know that the Regia and Super Soxx will tell me what they want to be.

Tuesday I ventured out and discovered a new-to-me LYS called "Leona's Sweater & Wool Shop". The Confetti is in a tigery colourway, and was a bargain at only $3.99 a ball. The Socka is a rainbowy jacquard, and set me back $7.99 each. The JaWoll was a steal at only $5 each... that's the one that has the thread included for reinforcing the heels and toes!!! I'm hoping that the comfort cushion will help my poor beat-up hands from crocheting. And the Patons booklet has many interesting sock patterns in it. Jacqueline and Rebecca each had 2 different patterns chosen for me to make for them before we even made it home. I'm certain that I will be returning to Leona's many, many times!!!

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tin416 said...

I miss knitting! It became one of my hobbies before. Eventually, it stopped since I got a regular job and I didn't have the time to knit anymore. I have not made knitted socks! It was one of my goals though. If you finish one, can you have a photo of it? I would love to see it on your blog. Enjoy knitting!