Tuesday, August 15

Anyone got an extra pair of hands they can spare?

And while you're at it, I'd love a pair of arms to go with them. Well it didn't take long, but my hands are already complaining about my increase in crochet volume. I woke up with the horrendous pain that I've been so mainly mercifully free of for ages.

I'm still knitting away in between crochet mini-goals... it's the best way to get through the slogging parts. I'm nearly done the gusset of my first Pretty Petals. Continuing the pattern over the top of the foot is still driving me batty, but one more set of decreases and I'll be checking the fit to see if I can just knit even until the toe. I'm done the second repeat of the first pattern in Derek's GI Dennis/ Regia Silk socks. This continues to be a dreamy knit, even though the yarn feels springy in comparison to others I have used. I'm a few rounds away from heel turn on Kroy Sock #2, so then I can write down my generic sock pattern and get working on the feet of these two. Cascading Leaves #2 is nearly done the foot. I need to count the rows yet, but I *know* that I'm more than half-way to the toe. My SSS sock is now dreadfully stalled. I *had* checked the fit the other day, and decided that I needed to frog and restart. I just needed to figure out what size needles to change to, and how many stitches to cast on. Well this morning, I went to model my cuff on the webcam to Lyz, and it felt perfect!!! Now I'm completely befuddled. I will have to take a bit of time now to decide if I'm gonna frog it or not. I guess now if I *do* frog, I'll go get the 2.25 mm Inox needles from Rams.

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Ariannah Armstrong said...

I feel your pain. This too shall pass soon! Take heart, then you'll be able to relax and enjoy those socks!