Saturday, August 5

Like I *really* needed more sock yarn!!!

Well Derek got off of work early yesterday for the long weekend, so I asked him if we could go to Rams. I had a few things in mind to buy, as well as a show-and-tell session since I hadn't brought in any FOs or WIPs in a while. I was hoping to get July's Sock Surprise package, as well as some pointier 2.5mm dpns. Of course there's always the items that follow me home as well!

I got some respectable oh's and ah's for my sock collection, and a good giggle over my Bigfoot clog. I didn't find either of the items I wanted though. It looks like my only option for my SSS socks is to frog and restart them on either 2.25s or 2.75s. I had Derek looking and feeling the sock yarn, and now that he doesn't *need* to wear wool work socks anymore, he doesn't want yarn that's scratchy at all!!! I forgot that I wanted something pink for breast cancer socks, but Derek finally decided on some Regia Silk Shine that he liked. Once I decide what I'm doing about my SSS, I'll cast on Jeanie's Dennis sock design for him.


Dana said...

Hey Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog! Love all the socks you have going on, I'll have to check back and see your progress.

Nicole said...

Thanks for checking me out Dana... any one that gets a mention like yours in Steph's blog deserves a visit! Best of luck in your knit blogging adventures, and I look forward to seeing more of your work!