Saturday, August 26

We have a sock!!!! {well almost!}

I'm now officially on the toe of my first Pretty Petals sock. Thanks to my sock guru, Ariannah, I've unvented a toe that will hopefully fit my foot better than a conventional one. I've started the toe section at the very end of my baby toe, and I'm decreasing on that side of the foot each row, while decreasing conventionally {every other row} on the other side. We shall see how it goes. I also had the forethought to write down exactly what I did for centering the pattern on the foot, and adjusting it at the toe. I have my fingers crossed that this actually works, and even better yet, that my instructions make sense when I get to this point of sock #2!!!


Knittinreed said...

Good for you to be inventing your own toe!!! I am impressed. Can't wait to see your FO. (Love the yarns you are using.)

Nicole said...

Ask and ye shall receive!!! As you were posting this, I was putting the finishing touches on my sock!