Friday, August 25

Progress... in more ways than one.

I've made a lot of progress this week, albeit on a limited number of projects. I've been focussing my energies on a few things, and the amount of work I have gotten done on them is significant, compared to the usual limited amount on many. I like the feeling of control that I get by doing this, since my list of WIPs is beyond overwhelming. I've even managed to resist the temptation of the Durasport. It was bought, and even balled up on Monday, and I still haven't cast it on. I've promised myself that I am going to finish the Kroy socks first, and then I can concentrate on the Dura. I also haven't *replaced* the Cascading Leaves socks. That's another victory in itself, as usually each FO is rewarded with starting another project {or three}.

Derek's GI Dennis socks are currently on the back-burner. While out on Saturday and Monday, I got the Tractor Tires pattern repeat done, and the next time I pick these up, I will be ready to start the Plowed Ridges and Rows pattern repeat. This is normally the sock that is in my purse, so it gets worked on while I'm out doing errands and such. I'm not on the final stretch of the pair, and it's not on a deadline, so even though Derek's socks tend to be a priority, I can easily set these aside for a little while.

Here's how close Kroy sock #1 is to completion. One heel was turned Monday evening, and the other Tuesday morning. This one is now about halfway down the foot, and within 30 rows of the toe decreases. Since I get about 10-15 rows done per night at work, I expect to be finishing this one off before my weekend starts on Monday morning. You can click on the pictures to see them larger and in more detail.

Here's my Pretty Petals sock, nearly ready to start the toe. I've decided to try to make a left and right foot. My toes aren't nearly straight across, so shaping the toe more should make for a better fit. I'd really like to have this sock done by the start of my weekend as well so that I can start the second sock.

I'm not going to bore you with yet *another* photo of the hem of my SSS sock. Yes, I've cast on yet again, this time makes it the third attempt at this pattern. I used my Inox dpns Wednesday night and started the hem. I did it then since I wanted to work on it while waiting at the airport for my niece's flight Thursday morning. I got the hem completed and joined, and the first whole pattern repeat done during our wait. I am really loving the Inox needles in spite of their weight compared to my other dpns. They pick up that yo like it was nothing, so I can go much faster than I had been. It's amazing how much those yo's were slowing me down. Once my PP #1 is done, I'll probably go back and forth between the SSS and PP#2 for my knitting breaks from crocheting. The SSS pair needs to be done for the end of September to make it into the drawing at 6 Sox, so I've got my fingers crossed that I will make it!

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Brian Roberts said...

Can i have a pair of socks please Nic, i've given up waiting for the throw for my couch ;)