Thursday, August 10

Oh my aching fingers!!!

Well after being completely insulted by my best friend's reaction to yesterday's post, my fingers decided they had enough of crocheting for a little while. I did take a couple pics for my running commentary on the project though before switching over to the sock-du-jour, my Pretty Petals. I had been working on the heel flap before it got set aside a few days ago. Well I got the heel turned, and am currently working on the gusset decreases. It sure is a thinking exercise since I'm continuing one repeat of the petal pattern over the top of the foot. One round is the decreases for the gusset, and the next round is the pattern across the top of the foot. I've got it on 3 needles right now, and I really need to figure out a way to separate the petal pattern so I can put it back on four working needles.

In other news, I got Britt's hair re-dyed today and all the brown patches from the first go round are gone. The colour is a lot deeper now too. I also bit the bullet and dyed mine too... I'm about to go wash it out, so I can't tell you how it turned out yet! As long as I don't lose too much hair {I've been losing it nearly in clumps for the last few weeks} when rinsing, it will look a heckuva lot better than the horridly grey it is was before. I also need to decide which project to take with me to work tonight. Now that the renovation at our store is done, my hours have returned to normal. This means that my crocheting lessons with a co-worker can resume start finally. I have a couple of socks that I *could* take, but I really *should* dig out the shtuff for my summer tote purse... let's see what I decide to make time for!!!

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