Tuesday, August 8

Golf is harder than knitting socks!

I never cease to be amazed by the comments I get while SKIP {sock knitting in public}. Especially when I was in Thompson, and I did a lot of waiting in public for food orders and such and got a lot of feedback on how difficult *that* must be. I guess that most of the people that see me regularly are used to seeing sticks and other assorted sharp object coming out of my extremities. I have to admit that I was pretty daunted by the whole dpns sticking out everywhere and such until I started my first sock. Hard to believe that was only a year ago! Now look at me, I'm searching out newer and fancier dpns, and they are getting ever tinier too! I've been using 2.5 mm quite a bit lately, and I was shocked to discover that I *noticed* the difference in size when I cast on Derek's newest sock on 2.75s yesterday! That observation turned into my mantra for the day! I've also come to the realization that Regia Silk is even nicer than Lana Grossa Maya while being knit! We'll see how these two fare once they are both done!

I took a chance with my back and went to play 9 holes of golf with Derek yesterday. Between not sleeping since I worked that night, and my back, I wouldn't commit to a full 18 holes. It's a good thing too, because by the time we hit the links in the afternoon, the course we went to was jammed. It took over 2 hours to get 9 holes done, and the couple we were paired with said that it took nearly 5 hours for them to do 18. I made the mistake of saying at the first tee {actually the 10th, since we golfed the back 9} that I should have brought my sock {it was in my bag, back at the truck}. Derek actually got upset with me!!! "This is GOLF time, not CROCHETING time!!!" But we had to wait over 10 minutes to tee off, and another 10 minutes again at the 17th tee... do you know how many needles I could have done in that time?!?!?! Oh well, I did manage to have my best game ever. I'm not sure if it was because I was taking it really easy so I wouldn't hurt my back, or if it was because we were paired up with another twosome, but I actually hit the ball nearly every time. It wasn't until about the 16th hole that I actually missed the ball while swinging!!! And that only happened about 2 or 3 times total on those last 3 holes. Since we weren't playing with Dave and Louise, there weren't any magic balls, or dropping my ball *after* the water, so I actually had to hit it OVER the few water hazards they had --- AND I DID IT!!! --- I didn't lose one ball all day! On one hole, I thought I lost my ball in the reeds at the creek edge, and was shocked to find that my ball was actually a good 10 yards *past* the creek edge! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since this was my first round this season, and I haven't even been to the driving range at all. There may be hope for me yet!

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