Monday, August 21

Wearing hand-knit socks while golfing...

may make the game more enjoyable, but it's still easier to make the socks than make the shots!!!

Well Derek and I went out golfing again yesterday, this time with one of his former co-workers and his son, but I wasn't doing anywhere as well as I had when we went 2 weeks ago. At least I didn't have too many misses, I just wasn't getting anywhere. I scored 77... on the front 9!!! Our biggest problem was the weather... we were kicked off of the golf course because funnel clouds had been spotted, and one had nearly touched down at the course!

We had just come up to the 13th tee, when a group that had been behind us came up and told us that they'd been told to clear the course because of funnel clouds. We figured that unless the course marshall came, or staff, we didn't need to listen! It had been extremely windy all day, and we could see some nasty clouds off to the west a little, but nothing right where we were. As we were playing the hole, we saw more and more people leaving. We reached the green finally {it was a par 5, *gasp*}, and saw the girl in the beer cart, but she didn't stop to talk to us. We were thinking that since she didn't stop to talk to us, then we didn't need to leave. It was then that we looked at the sky over the rest of the course, since we'd been on the low end of the course at the beginning of the hole. Kildonan Park Golf Course is built on a riverbank of the Red River, and is on two "levels" due to that. Well "holy crap" doesn't quite cover our reaction. We decided to finish up since we were all on the geen at this point, and it was just beginning to drizzle. By the time we'd finished up, it was raining a little harder. I stopped for a few moments to put my cover on my bag, and get my belongings out of my bag and put them in my pocket, so I wouldn't have to do that once we reached the truck. It's a good thing I did, because on the 5 minute or so walk back to the truck, the skies opened up full force. First the rain came pouring down, then it turned sideways. We kept an eye on the clouds right by us, and the hail started. Thankfully it wasn't anything larger than pea-sized, but it still hurt like hell. Derek said later that when the hail hit, he'd looked back and could barely see me, and I wasn't even six feet away from him. By the time we reached the truck, we both looked like we'd been in the shower. I was so wet and soggy and uncomfortable it wasn't funny. My wonderful hand knit socks, which had kept my feet comfortable throughout the afternoon were now funnelling the water that was squishing through my toes. I have to admit, that my feet *did* feel dry until they were completely deluged about one third of the way back to the truck.

Derek and I went home and tried to dry off. He got online and started checking the weather websites. He found out that there had been tornadoes that had touched down in Stonewall {just northwest of the city}, and just to the east of us. Funnel clouds were being reported all over the northern edge of the city, and the storm cell that we'd been in was the southern tip of a horribly nasty cluster that was heading east, and expected to hit Kenora soon. I don't think I want to go through anything even close to that again... at least not without shelter.


Karen said...

Hi! Found your blog by way of the Townsend list. Sounds like you were really lucky with that storm (although I bet it didn't feel like luck while you were soaking wet!). I coldn't help but notice that you were another "overnight elf". My friends all think I am crazy to work nights (at Target; I suspect our work is similar) but it is great to be able to drop into school when needed or be home when someone has to come and fix something. See you around the list!

Lyz said...

Thank God you two are ok!!! Next time someone tells you to clear out cause there are tornados reported in the area you BETTER damn well clear out! AND right away too or I will come on over from Ontario and pelt you with hail myself! Geesh.... (yes you just got told off) love ya Nic but I have been too close to tornado myself. (your socks are wonderful by the way...)

Nicole said...

Well if I knew that *that* was all I had to do to get you to come see me, I would have had to try this a long time ago!!! :P