Wednesday, August 9

What is this thing anyway?

I have a few of these on my desk that I use for picking up dropped stitches, and repairing boo-boos on my knitting, but I can't seem to recall what other use(s) they may have. I *did* find this on a Google search:
Image 'borrowed' from The Crochet Guild of America

That explains what it *is*, but not what it *does*... well other than for fixing knitting mistakes!!! Now that is what my best friend would think I'd be saying at this point! She teases me all the time about not crocheting anymore! Well she is in for a shock... Lyz, you sitting down? buckled in? no coffee or other items that can expectorate in your mouth? Good, now you can continue to read!!! I will have a crochet hook in my hands for 95% of the time for the next 2 months!!! The year has just blown by me, and I'm left in a serious crunch, with 4 big projects needing to be done by the end of September. One of the projects is a secret because the recipient is an occasional reader of my blog... that project will be revealed in its entirety {including timelines and progress photos} after it has been gifted. I also have a baby afghan that I need to make by the time my vacation week is done in September. I still need to make a baby afghan for my friend Daryl, since the original became a burnt offering. Colton's birthday is in late September or early October {I can't remember right now}, so I'll make him one for then. If my hands allow me to, I'd also like to get Wayne's afghan done during this time. Since all of these projects will be taking the same hook, I might as well get them all done at the same time. I still have socks that I need to knit, and I'm stumbling through trying to design Derek some winter work wear, but other than that, it's gonna be hooker heaven here!


Lyz said...

I am FINALLY getting a bit of time to catch up on your blog!
The popsicle didn't hit the moniter when I read that you are crocheting again! I am in denial though.... and I really DON'T believe you! ROFL! and me sitting here knitting on my fleece artist shawl...... whodathunkit!

Nicole said...

Well you must be stoned or just your usual sleep-deprived. Isn't it a critical disturbance of the space-time continuum if I'm crocheting and you're knitting at the same time??? ROFL