Saturday, August 19

The socks are coming... the socks are coming!!!

Well I accomplished my goals yesterday. I got the hem done on the SSS, and I got my Cascading Leaves sock done.

I got pictures of the whole process so that, hopefully, I will know wtf I did when it comes time to get the second one started. I am quite impressed with how flat the hem is, and I'm guessing that this might have been what I did last time, and just didn't remember. I've gotten one repeat of the stitch pattern completed as well. The new needles aren't helping as much as I'd hoped, but I'm going to compare them to the Inox at Ram's, and see how that goes.

The toe on my second CL went like a dream. I would hazard a guess that knowing that getting the toe and ends done would mean TWO whole pairs of hand knit socks for ME to wear!!! I do need to figure out a better way of photographing completed pairs that I am wearing.
I'm still not completely thrilled with the wool I used, Scheepjes Invicta, but it's not *that* horrid either. Hopefully after washing they won't seem so fuzzy to me.
I have gotten some work done on Derek's GI Dennis socks as well. I have the stitch pattern memorized kinda for the section I am working on, and the silk feels so nice to work with. I'm not taking it to work, since the black yarn will be difficult in the low light conditions I am often knitting in at lunch {outside at 3 am is *not* ideal lighting}. It fits nicely into my current tote that I am using for a purse, and it's not hard at all to get a needle or two done while waiting for various things.
I know the colour on this picture is *really* bad, but I tried to get the stitch detail to photograph better. The flash would pick up the "shine" in the yarn, and you couldn't see the texture at all.

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