Tuesday, August 8

What to do???

I was thinking today that I didn't have enough projects on the go I should make Derek a sweater for work, now that he can actually wear nice clothes on a daily basis. What I would really like for him is something of a classic cardigan, perhaps cabled, in a sportweight yarn. Do you think I could find *anything* online that even comes close??? I'm either going to have to do some serious searching at Rams, combine about 6 different patterns I found online, or just bite the bullet and design one. I *did* find quite a few nice pullovers, but I can't see him wearing them to work that often. Although if the current problems they seem to have in getting him his work shirts continues, it may be a good idea after all. I'm going to sit on this idea for a while, and put the bug in the ear of the ladies there at Rams, to see if they can find something suitable for me.


Tamara said...

Hi - I was just surfing through the fiber arts webring and saw this post. This is what I'm thinking of making my husband:
If the link doesn't work it is from the Classic Elite Book called Boathouse and it uses Classic Silk - it is a V-neck pullover with a simple cable design and the yarn is light weight. Plus the yarn is not as expensive as it could be... So far I have the pattern book but not the yarn. Good luck in your search!

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by Tamara! I checked out the book online and it looks yummy! Unfortunately Rams doesn't have it on their web site. I'll have to look at the store when I'm there next.