Monday, July 31

Triumph over pain... well soon I hope!

Somehow, someway, I managed to throw my back out at work on Saturday night. I hobbled home, and spent about 3 hours at the computer before sitting was no longer "a good thing" for my back. The next 12 hours were spent writhing in pain on the bed, when I wasn't passed out from the Tylenol. Getting up to go to the washroom upstairs was a new experience. Even crawling up and down them when I was in labour with Alex wasn't as difficult as it was yesterday. The worst part of it all was when I couldn't knit or crochet. I really wanted to make some good progress on my ML sock, but my back would *not* cooperate. Finally around 9 or 10-ish I forced myself out of bed and whimpered most pathetically as I tried to get into a relatively comfortable position while sitting. It wasn't until about eleven that I was able to be upright enough without my back spasming me into hysterics. Since I had slept a good portion of the day away {an allowed offense since I *do* work nights} I was able to get some good knitting time in until I tried lying down again around 2 or 3. Derek got up for work at 4, and I managed to get myself into a relatively vertical position again. A quick attempt at the computer proved futile, so the couch it was for me. With a decent knitting posture finally possible, I did get my sock to progress more than I had expected after my injury. I have about 25 more rows to go before I start the toe decreases. This means that with some luck, I'll be able to cast on my Pretty Petals sometime tomorrow.

Since I had made so much unexpected progress on my sock, I decided to try working on my curtain a little bit. The Addi I bought on Tuesday is dreamy. Granted, I *am* comparing it to a Red Heart circ, but other than a little bit of yarn catching at the join {which could me being hyper-sensitive}, it's everything I could have dreamed of. The needle itself is silky smooth, and the cord is so thin and flexible, it might as well not even be there! I'm heading back to the couch for some down time, and will hopefully be able to test out my Addi some more today.

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