Saturday, July 22

Derek, before and after!

Derek has been working in the tire business ever since he moved to Winnipeg over 6 years ago, and quite a bit before that too. He's finally made it into the office now after talking to his boss about getting out of the shop. He has quite a bit of adjustment to do to his new responsibilities, as well as the new dress code that he needs to follow as a paper pusher instead of a tire man. I'm positive that I will get used to his new look a lot sooner than he will!!!

Here is what Derek used to look like on a typical day at work. He's all filthy, smells like tires and sweat, and is in desperate need of a haircut and shave... don't forget the ever-present ballcap!

This is what Derek looks like now that he's gotten a promotion... and he looks like this when he comes home too!


Lyz said...

Congrats Derek and Nic. Ya look like a new man!

Nicole said...

Doesn't he though? I think I can even get used to ironing and stuff to keep this look!