Sunday, July 9

Socks, socks, and yet more socks!!!

Well last night I finally bitched like hell quietly asked Derek why he hadn't tried on the socks I had made him yet. One of those socks is the one I shipped to him while I was up north so I was absolutely heartbroken a little hurt that he hadn't gleefully put the matching pair on immediately. He said it was because he was too damned lazy to wash his stinky feet his feet were too smelly for him to put them on. Like a good hubby, he must have sensed that I was pre-PMSing he went and got them and modeled them for me.
Derek's socksThey are made out of an olive shade of Mission Falls 1824 100% superwash worsted weight. I used the same pattern I had used for his Tuffy socks. Lissa insisted on joining in the picture fun and made me take pictures of her with her Spongebob flip-flops. This wouldn't have been quite *that* bad, but she was showing off the dirty bottoms, not the printed tops!!! I didn't want to gross anyone out too badly so I left those off the post.
Alex's socksThen it was Alex's turn to model his camouflage socks knitted out of Bernat Sox in Army Hot. These socks were made months ago, but recently reappeared from their "safe place". I quickly got a shot of him wearing them before they return to their hiding place.
Lissa the cheesy modelLissa then asked me *again* to take more pictures of her. Since I was eager to get the ones I had just taken uploaded, I told her I would later. She runs and finds one of the socks I had knitted for the girls nearly a year ago, and one of the socks I knitted for myself. She puts on this mis-matched pair, and looked so adorable, so what choice did I have? She even ran over and got herself up on the chair that Alex had been using, and started posing for me to take many shots of her in her fabulous socks!!!


Lyz said...

Gotta love those legs!! oh yeah the socks look great too Nic! :D

Nicole said...

Thanks! Now I just need to finish the ends on the navy socks, and Derek will have a pair of pairs! =o)

yarnmaniac said...

What a cutie! The socks are nice, too.