Saturday, July 1

Lotsa socks!


Well I went to Ram's yesterday to pick out sock yarn for the Maple Leaf Socks KAL I joined. I cast them on yesterday, and am nearly done the ribbing. I hope that the colour I chose will turn out nice. I'll post a picture later on when I've got the first repeat of the pattern done. I also bought the June sock-yarn-of-the-month. I'll take some pics of that and post them later too. Looking at the ball, it sould make a really cool looking pair of jacquard socks. Those will be my portable project once Derek's last Mission Falls sock is done sometime this weekend.

Derek finally got back late Wednesday from Edmonton, and he had brought me a present to make up for being gone so long right after I got back from up north. It's a gorgeous gold bracelet that he bought as a belated anniversary present {6th anniv was June 3rd, the day before I went to Thompson}. My weekends are now Thursday-Friday, so we went to the drive-in Thursday night. He's never been to one before, so it was a great opportunity to go. We saw Click and Nacho Libre. We had a wonderful time, and I can see us going again before the end of the season. I have tonight off for the holiday, so we can go out together on a REAL weekend night! The zoo is supposed to be free today, so we might take the kids there. Then tonight we need to decide what time we're going out to play pool since if we decide to go out later on, we can take the kids to the fireworks.

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