Saturday, July 22

Maple Leaf KAL update

Well I've been working hard on my ML socks. Once I got the gusset picked up, I was able to bring it with me back and forth to work, and the foot progressed along faster. I've put it aside a bit as I work on Britt's ankle sock, as well as my clogs. The second sock is on the needles and I'm working on my second leaf repeat. Even though I finished my sock earlier this week, I just got around to finally taking pics of the finished sock until just before doing this post.

Here is my sock just before I started the toe decreases. Please ignore my work boot callous on the top of my foot! I must have tried this sock on half a dozen times, and even frogged it back a bit to make the toe more pleasing. I'm beginning to think I should start knitting right and left socks.

Here is another shot of the sock pre-toe. You can see the gusset and leaf pattern a little better here. I felt like a porcupine rying these on!

Here you can see my first sock all done, toe kitchenered, and ends all woven in. You can also see how the toe looks a little lop-sided, which is making me consider to make right and left socks from now on.

You can see the eyelets for the leaves with this angle, and the sock on my foot. Until I get a sock blocker, I'm stuck with lousy shots of the legs of my socks. IMO, this photo does show off the colour of the finished sock really well.


Lyz said...

love your maple leaf socks. they turned our really well. love the colour too :)

Nicole said...

The colour really grew on me, and I'm thikning that I couldn't have made a better choice for me. You will be able to see the blue colourway in this yarn on my September Cascading Leaves KAL socks.