Saturday, July 22

Other WIPs to report on.

Since I am *far* from a monogamous knitter, I've got tons of other projects on the go at all times. Other than the ML KAL, two of the more than I can count projects I'm working on are Fiber Trends clogs, and Cascading Leaves socks.

This picture shows just how big these things are before you put them in the washer. I feel like Bigfoot wearing it. Derek is concerned that it won't felt enough. I think that's just because he's afraid I'll make him wear them!!! If they actually *are* too big, I'll just pass them on to my best friend Lyz, because she *is* a decendant of the original Bigfoot!!!

This pic shows the clog in relation to the tile floor. The tile is 12", so you know this is a yeti-sized slipper at this point! I'm doing mine in Patons Classic Merino in a deep plum, and light pink colour. I hope these look as good felted as they do un-felted.

I finished this sock while I was in Thompson, but I was too lazy had forgotten to could have cared less hadn't taken a photo until now.

This pic shows the lace on the leg a lot better, but until I get a sock blocker, any pictures of my own socks will be sadly lacking.


Lyz said...

um sorry nic I hate to burst your bubble but if you felt those and they don't fit you, your Yetti friend won't fit them either. I am looking at the 12 inch tile thinking that if you don't felt them maybe they might fit the 'Original Decendant of Bigfoot' over here in Ontario????
so :P Phfffffffftttt...... to U!

Lyz said...

and btw, not that you DESERVE a compliment after a comment like that about ME your bestest fiend... but the cascading leaves socks turned out great!

Nicole said...

Ya only know that I call you Yeti because I love you! ;o) And I'm sure that all transgressions would be forgiven if these purple and pink clogs suddenly appear in your barbecue!

And speaking of CL socks, when do I get to see yours?

Kate said...

Those clogs from Fiber Trends are nice, I've knitted a pair too, a while ago. And the ML looks ver very nice in the red yarn.Nice blog, by the way, looking tforward to visit you again.

So long from Norway

Nicole said...

Thanks Kate. I was really pleased with how easy the clog pattern was to follow, albeit quite wordy. I'm looking ofrward to finishing these ones off and getting plenty more done for Christmas. Thanks for all the compliments, I've been knitting hard and working hard on my blog, and the feedback is much appreciated.