Saturday, July 8

Bright Idea #237

Well unlike most of my other *bright* ideas, this one actually worked out, and didn't cost me a small fortune to finish stayed within a reasonable budget. The kids had trashed their old dresser. I *think* it had five drawers originally. At least two were gone entirely, and another one or two were missing the fronts. We had this dresser in the basement, so I got another one of my bright ideas, and decided to refurbish it a little and bring it upstairs. The process *did* take longer than I had originally planned, but I'm blaming that on being very tired this week from stocking rather than working on the reno at work. I had guesstimated that it would cost me about $25-30 to dress up the dresser, and I wasn't far off. The only thing I overspent on really was the hardware -- Derek talked me into spending an extra 50¢ per knob {$1.47 vs. 97¢} for ceramic rather than plastic -- for obvious reasons of course! 4 cans of spray paint, 2 green scrubby sandpaper sheets, 8 new handles, and several sanded-out kids later, we have a nearly new dresser for less than $35!

Red drawerHere's me painting one of the red drawers. It looks like I'm getting ready to put another coat on my toes at the same time!
Yellow drawerHere I am painting a yellow drawer. I wonder how well the yellow and red leftovers would mix to touch up those grey roots while I'm at it?
Blue dresserHere I am painting the dresser itself. It ain't a perfect job by any means, but it looks better, and is WAY cheaper than brush painting it. Plus the kids got to help me out, whether they wanted to or not. Alex and Lissa were the most enthusiastic about helping, which made sense since it was meant for their room!
Graffiti artist at workI feel like I'm painting graffiti on the side of the dresser! Why is it that there isn't even one *remotely* flattering photo of me here???
All assembledThis is what the finished product looks like with the new hardware and old junk on! You can see that the gloss finish is kind of uneven, but like Derek had said, it's not going to be long before the kids add their own touches to the dresser anyway!

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