Sunday, July 2

Yarn Shots!

Well here we go. Yarn pr0n!!!

This is the Regia 4fadig I bought to make my Maple Leaf socks with, along with the pattern.
Here is a close-up of my progress on Day one of the KAL. I got the ribbing done mostly on the 30th, but the entire first repeat was done on the 1st.
Here is the sock yarn I got in my June sock-yarn-of-the-month surprise package from Ram's. I can't wait to get July's!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn, for the Maple Leaf sock and the surprise package! You should have lots of fun knitting with those.

Nicole said...

Thank you. The yarn wasn't my first choice, but as you can see from the later photos, they SCREAM "Oh Canada!!!" =o)