Saturday, June 24

Scenes from Thompson

This is the view from my hotel room window, looking northwest.

This is the view looking northeast.

This is the river that basically marks the northern edge of town. This is where it turns from running relatively east, to a more northerly direction. At least those are the directions it is going here!

This picture was taken facing southwest, from the same spot as the above photo. That bridge leads into town.

Another photo taken from the same spot, this one facing northeast. That's one of the seaplane depots located on the river.

This is probably the most photographed building in Thompson. I'm not sure who painted the mural, but it's breathtaking. The "road" up to the building is a sled run in the winter... kinda scary considering I was standing on the shoulder of Highway 6 when I took this photo.

This is another one of the many murals to be found in town. It was on one of the main streets, between work and the hotel.

This mural is on a sister building to the one above. It was on one of the corners of the main crossroads, so everyone that goes to Thompson can see this one.

This is the beginning of the boardwalk to Pisew Falls. All you see is the big rock, and the bridge/ stairs disappearing into the forest.

This is what you see as you start on the boardwalk. You really wonder if there is an end to the forest, and a waterfall in there somewhere. You can't even really hear the falls at this point because the trees filter the noise so much.


Norskybear said...

Wow, Nicole! Thanks for these pics! They remind me of my trip to Churchill on the train last October. I'm like, "I remember that bridge!" Strange how I don't remember any murals, but then again, we had maybe 30 minutes to walk around the train station. Hadn't heard of The End of the Earth before either.

I highly recommend the train ride to Churchill. I had lived in Brandon most of my life and had never seen the gorgeous north country before. And, at about 80 hours round trip, I got to finish a Lopi cardigan as well!


Nicole said...

Murals are a big thing in Thompson. I have a postcard of the one on either the bus depot or train station... I can't recall right now. The drive up to Thompson was breath-taking, and I can only assume that the train ride would be moreso. Unfortunately, my work schedule didn't allow me too much sight-seeing time, but at least I got socks done!