Monday, January 23

Wow! A week gone already?!?

I just checked my last post, and it was nearly a week ago. Holy crap! Where did the time go? At least my "week" at work went by fast and relatively uneventfully. First time for everything! I *think* I got a lot accomplished... including *some* sleep.

I didn't quite make my goal for the YOTS-KHKAL, but I did about 75% of the sleeve, so that still leaves me in good shape. I really want this sweater done in time for the Knitting Olympics. If you want to see what I've chosen for my event, check my previous posts for the details. If you haven't heard about them yet, click on the Olympics link in the sidebar to get to Yarn Harlot's Olympics page.

I finished Derek's first "Hockey Sock" and have made good progress on the second. I'm done the striped band, and am working on the leg/calf. I'm waiting for when his feet are actually CLEAN to put the sock on him for the final viewing and photography! When I showed him the first sock all finished, grafted, and ends all woven in, he was properly impressed. He even noticed the grafting... or rather... didn't notice it, because he commented that you couldn't see the seam. YAY!!!

I spent some time on Friday getting some more stitch markers made. I can't recall how many sets I did, but I'll know later on today when I do the photography. I bought a sheet of this cool foam stuff to take pictures on, and ended up using it to *make* the markers on. It's a *great* surface for the beads and stuff. They don't scatter all over the table that way! I bought another sheet of it today that I will keep pristine for pics.

In other notes, I finished off the horrid pink yarn for the charity/school scarf, and I'm about half-way or better done on the Eye Lash scarf. I haven't bothered adding these to the progress charts/bars on the sidebar since, IMO, these are little add-ons that don't really count. I also moved a few more pages of Nicole's Crochet Bistro over to the new home at The Purl in the Oyster. It wasn't without a few glitches, like the last time, but I think/hope everything is hunky dorey now.

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