Wednesday, January 25

Been busy!

Unfortunately, I haven't been busy knitting as much as I'd like. I got some cleaning done on Monday, and some laundry done yesterday. I still have tons more to do around here, including the fish tanks *ugh* today. At least the fishies will be happy!

I got some more markers made yesterday and got them all up on The Purl in the Oyster. I even made a few for me! I made 5 knitting markers that are destined for my silk waves scarf. I'm not sure how many repeats that is going to have, so I might need to make more. I really want to get my Denise's and use those for the scarf... I'm going to have to work on Derek a bit to get that, I think. He's really dragging his butt on them, and he already got his nerf bars on the truck... I WANT MY DENISE'S!!!!

I finished the damned Eye Lash scarf, and even survived having to frog the last row because I didn't have enough yarn to finish it according to the pattern. I just need to weave in the ends on it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it since the "tails" aren't as long as I was expecting/hoping for. It won't tie or double up around my neck, so I'm afraid of it falling off. I might just give it to Lissa for her to use, or one of her dolls as a shawl. I might make myself a cowl out of another ball since I was really hoping to have something for me out of this horrid stuff.

I'm seriously considering frogging my Kroy sock. I started it *way*back when I could barely follow a regular sock pattern, and now it's looking way too plain for me. I want something with cables or lacy or I don't know! I'm only about seven inches into it, so the roof won't cave in if I frog. I want to finish the second sleeve of the Skacel sweater this week as well as my granny dishcloth shawl. I'm really not inspired to finish it for some reason, and my Homespun sweater yarn is getting hopelessly tangled. I'm considering frogging that and restarting it since I originally started it nearly a year ago, and my skills have progressed so much since then. I want to do the two front panels along with the back panel... unless the seam is going to help it from sagging too much. But then again, if it's going to sag, it would look really funny with the seams pulling it up at the sides.

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