Thursday, January 5

The Purl in the Oyster revealed!!!

Well yesterday was a productive and a frustrating day as well. I got a bunch of stitch markers done... which is the productive part. I got the pictures taken, edited, and uploaded... which is another productive part. I got the buttons created, descriptions written, and web page moved and tested... which is yet another productive part. Then, Geocities crashed on me... my bandwidth limit will only allow 4 page views of the markers page per hour before shutting down my entire site... which is the *extremely* frustrating part. Then I tried to get my web space at Shaw set up, and it just wasn't working out right... which was another terribly frustrating part. I'm thrilled to say that I've got it all fixed now, and I've got new web space with a *HUGE* bandwidth limit {for me}. I can now concentrate on getting pages reworked and no longer worry about space or transfer limits. Plus, it's another place where I've got "nicolethegeek" reserved! *teehee*

I've been thinking more and more about The Purl in the Oyster "brand" name, and over the next while I'll be working out just how I'm going to fit that in with my vision. I'm working harder at all of this, and with more commitment, than I ever think I had. I know that I had high hopes when I first launched the Bistro nearly 3 years ago. Part of that ideology was being pushed into actually starting the site by someone that was a very good friend at the time. I will never EVER regret starting it... perhaps my only regret is not giving it the attention it deserves. That is one of my motivators in making it over. It's like the Bistro was a tiny speck of sand stuck in a shell... an irritant. It was ignored until the aggravation became too much. Right now it's getting layer upon layer of nacre added to it... making it smoother and shinier... until at long last, a beautiful, precious pearl is revealed. I hope {and pray} that you will all be there with me as the oyster shell is opened.

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