Tuesday, January 17

A (counter)productive day...

Well Shaw went and did it to me again... the damned servers went down as I was working on my web site this morning. ARGH!!! At least this one was shorter, and it only seemed to affect new pages... like it was running on a backup version of stuff.

I woke up just before 4 am today and started to "work". I tried knitting a few rows of my charity scrunchable scarf, but quickly gave that up as my hands realized what I was doing! I decided to do some web work. I took a quick peek at the Bistro site and saw that the holiday patterns page would be an easy one to switch over. I haven't worked on the new crochet graphics at all, so this was a good choice. It took a few hours, but I got it all the way I want it. I even found a web tracking service to use for it. I liked the page stats I got at GeoCities, and hopefully this one will give me similar results. Only problem now is that I've discovered a few coding errors in the transfer. I will have to take some time now to go and correct the files for the correct links. Especially since I deleted all the images off of GeoCities!!

I've gotten quite a bit done I think for it being not even 11 am yet. I spent about 15 minutes or so in Alex and Lissa's room looking for more yarn for this scarf. I didn't find any suitable yarn, but I did manage to get rid of a big garbage bag full of trash. I'm nearly done this ball of yarn, so I think I will get it done and then go back to my Eye Lash scarf. My goal for this week for the sweater KAL is to get a sleeve done, so I'll probably cast that on later today after this yarn is gone.

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