Monday, January 16

Why do I do this to myself???

When will I *ever* learn *not* to buy or use Bernat Eye Lash yarn??? I made Lissa a scarf out of this last winter before my hands gave out. I cursed nearly every stitch saying, "you're damned lucky I love you kid!" I've gotten better with the novelty yarns. The scarves I made the girls out of the LB Boucle and Fun Fur were relatively easy. It may also be that it was more manageable since there was two yarns held together, and it was on much bigger needles. This stuff is a fairly long fuzz -- about an inch -- that is also curly/kinky.

Well today I caved in and bought 3 balls of it. Two of them are to be combined with some Bernat Softee Chunky to make me a pait of mitts. The other is on its own to make me a kerchief scarf. Well I cast on, and immediately remembered why I never made Lissa a hat or anything else to match her scarf last year! It *is* progressing, but I fear that it will either consume all my knitting time on my weekend, or be put aside to work on other items. It's only about 45 rows total to make it, but it's gonna feel like 450!

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