Monday, January 2

Found the shrug pattern!

I'm *sooooo* thrilled! It's the cover project of the Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 issue. I looked it over really carefully, and discovered a few things. First of all, it calls for Lorna's Laces yarns, which are available in Canada after all, they aren't available at Ram's, or any other Manitoba retailer. Secondly, the FA Dreadlocks that I thought would be a good sub for the Grace Boucle, is too thick. I did a heavy search through Ram's site, and have a couple possibilities for substitutes. I've got my fingers crossed for Ram's, and have an American friend pricing out the LL stuff for me as well. I looked at the Vogue Knitting website, and they don't have any cover shots of previous issues, so I'll have to take a picture of my issue and post it so that you can see why I NEED this shrug!

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