Thursday, January 12

I could just scream!!!

When I got up this morning, I couldn't knit or crochet... as usual. I decided to work a bit on my web site switchover. Specifically, creating an actual home page for The Purl in the Oyster so that it will be easy to add my various pages over to Shaw as my time allows. Well after I get it set up the way I want, I go and try to upload it. It wasn't accepting my password! I tried about 3 or 4 different ones, just in case I had changed it... nuttin. Then I tried my personal space, and that wouldn't come up either. I'm thinking... geesh, what's going on? Then I try to load the page that's there, and I get the dreaded "page is unavailable" message. ARGH!!! I am *NOT* a happy camper right now. I even called them up, and they had a canned message on there... "we are experiencing technical difficulties"... ARGH AGAIN!!!

I updated the home page of Nicole's Crochet Bistro a bit to change the copyright date, and add the info for the new sales division. I'm too mad and frustrated right now to try and work on anything more than that.

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