Tuesday, January 31

What a disappoinment.

Colour me *very* disappointed... I finally finished off the second sleeve for my pinwheel sweater yesterday. I was very dismayed to discover that the sleeve I had just completed was at least three inches longer than the one I had done back in November to check my tension. Normally I would have done both sleeves at once, but I didn't have time to do more than just one sleeve after I had purchased the wool. It's gonna probably kill me in the process, but I will frog the older sleeve even though it's closer to the size called for in the pattern. I'm really wondering now if I'll be able to finish this before starting my KO project.

I still need to check that I have the needles I need for my booger. Lyz did her belt in the Patons Classic Wool with a 5 mm needle and it felted to about a ¼ inch. She says that she can't see the stitches on it either. I'm wondering if using a bigger needle will make it felt fuller or not. I also need to divide up the other two balls of wool, as well as practice my provisional/ crochet cast-on. Just ten more days until the festivities start!

I did get something productive done yesterday... actually two things. But the first was organizing and partially frogging my Homespun sweatercoat. I untangled the yarn and balled that up. I also frogged the last bit of knitting on my sweater. I cast on the stitches I needed to do the fronts and back together and got about an inch knitted. For right now, I'm just knitting off of the old sweater. It looks pretty neat seeing a sweater emerge from another sweater! Surprisingly, or not, the Homespun isn't kinking up like a lot of frogged yarns would. I guess since it's already kinked up, you can't tell! The only circ I could find in a 6 mm in my stash was a 24 inch, so it's tough going with all those stitches on the one needle. I tried using two circs, like having two straights that were 24" each, but that didn't work out too well at the ends. I hope that I can get my Denise's very soon so that I can try them out on this. I'm thinking of using two cords together to make about a 40" would be good.

I also got some work done on the review blog. I signed up for Amazon, so hopefully I can get a kickback or two on all this stuff I've been buying and reading! I added a few reviews, and have a few more to do. I can't afford the stress of knocking myself out on them, so I'll add them as I feel up to it.

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