Saturday, January 7

When will I learn? *sigh*

When will I learn to call in to work when I have a day from hell? I didn't want to go in last night... I felt like crap. I hadn't gotten enough sleep, I'm still not over my cold, and things have been going lousy {as usual} there. Well, true to form, I got called into the office and was lectured for over 20 minutes on a trumped up complaint of my manager's. She obviously doesn't like me, and is trying her hardest to make me miserable enough to quit. I *REALLY* need a new job. Every day it gets more and more difficult to drag myself there... I just wish that Derek and I were as rich as the daycare subsidy board seems to think we are so that we could afford daycare for Alex and Lissa, and I could get a day time job.

More than ever now I want to go shopping. Derek isn't awake yet, and I better not go without him! He wasn't *that* upset last night when I told him how much I spent at Ram's and why/ what for. When I told him that GST came in, he seemed even less concerned. Problem is though, I didn't tell him how much I wanted the stuff I *did* see there... I might have mentioned the scarf, but nothing else. I was exhausted, so I just went to sleep. What I *REALLY* needed was a big hug... still do...

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