Tuesday, January 31

Why do I do this to myself??? Part II: The Sequel

Well last week I finished the kerchief scarf I made out of one ball of Bernat Eye Lash. I wasn't totally pleased with the way it turned out... too small for my tastes. I guess I'll end up giving it to Lissa or the girls for them or their dolls. So what do I do Friday morning? I pick up another ball of the stuff to make myself a cowl. I don't even add it to my project planner... I just cast it on! To make matters worse, we also got some cool self-striping Bernat Baby Bouclé. There was a tear-off sheet for a cute little poncho, so I picked up two balls in a cute pink and lilac colourway, and off I went! I cast that on, on Friday too... SHEESH!!! What was I thinking anyway?

Well most of my work on the weekend was on that poncho. I've got about 7 inches or so of the bottom done. I altered the pattern slightly to make it worked in one piece. The pattern orignally called for it to be made in two pieces, and then seamed at the centre front and centre back. I thought that the nature of the stripes would make the seam really obvious, and that it would lend itself better to being worked in the round. So that's what I did. I'm extremely pleased with the way it's turning out. It's not the most fun yarn to work with, but the finished effect is worth it. I brought it with me to work instead of socks, and it gave me a chance to show off that I *can* make something else other than socks, as well as some of the cool stitch markers I've been making. Everyone that commented on it thought that the colours were working out really nice too.

I've only got an inch or two of the cowl done. I'll probably pick that up more once the poncho is done. I also started on my fuzzy "favourite" mittens... dunno why they called them favourites... the pattern is written for the birds. I got the first one done {sans thumb}, and should be able to get the other one done sometime this week... including the thumbs!

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