Wednesday, January 11

Geeks get distracted *way* too easily!

My excuse for not posting on Sunday was that I slept... I really needed the 11 hours I got after 2-3 days of only 2-3 hours. Well my excuse for the last two days is that I got distracted! On Monday it was by what has to be the most inane game on the Interweb... Badaboom! It's stupid, it's silly, and it's addictive! Yesterday it was by the new strategy game that Derek and I bought during the Boxing Week sales. It's called "Rise of Nations" and it's very similar in nature to "Age of Empires", another strategy game that Derek got me hopelessly addicted to!

At least I did get a bunch of work done on Derek's B&L socks. I was hoping to be done the first one yesterday, but I'm still about an inch short of the toe shaping. The kids had *helped* me on Sunday by taking the needles out of it while I was sleeping, so it didn't go with me to work that night. I'm doing the heels and toes in the cream as well, to make them look like a more traditional work sock. Derek didn't want the leg to be as long as called for in the pattern either, so I may end up with enough leftovers to make Alex a pair too!

My goal for today is to finish the first sock, and cast on the second. I also need to go through the KAL postings at to check on any more corrections to the Skacel sweater. Then I can restart the first pinwheel. I've joined a sweater KAL at KH to help me finish this as well. Wish me luck!

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