Tuesday, January 17

I'm competing in the Olympics!

Today I was cruising the craftster site a bit while my connection to KH wasn't working. I stumbled upon a post about the knitting olympics that Yarn Harlot is hosting. Leave it to a Canadian to think of something like this! *ROFL* I've chosen to do my HBC Booger for my event.
This is my wool before I started prepping it. I got four cream coloured balls of Patons Classic Wool for the main colour. The HBC stripes will be done in Peer Gynt, a wool imported from Norway. I got it all on sale at Ram Wools on Friday along with Lissa's poncho yarn and my silk scarf kit.
I've done a bit of research, but still need to write down everything I will need to do. I may do a small swatch prior to the start of the project so that I can decided on stripe width and such. I got a great suggestion to use a provisional cast on for the beginning of the bottom. I think it will make it easier to pick up my stitches later, as well as making the stripes look great all the way around my bag. I've got two of the balls of Peer Gynt divided in half, and still need to do the other two. I also need to check that I have the needles that I require to make this. I am also going to have to pick up a zippered pillowcase for when I do the felting itself.

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