Tuesday, January 3

HTML is just another 4 letter word!

Well I decided this morning that I was going to start on another one of my goals for this year, the redo of the Bistro site. I took some close ups of one of my tops I knitted to use it as a new background for the knitting areas. Well first of all, I couldn't seem to get the image editted the way I wanted with the software I currently have installed on here. I sent that image off to a friend of mine to play with and went to go play with the page for the stitch markers. I figgered the stitch markers page would be a good place to start since it's going to be an entirely new page, and I could play with my new styles there, before "fixing" other pages that are basically static. Well my new style sheet doesn't seem to be getting called up by my page, and my NCB banner is missing from some of my pages. The code is still there, the image is still there in my folder, but it's just not on the page... WTH??? No broken link "X", no alt text, nuttin!

Oh well... for now I'll continue on with the text and layout of the page, and worry about the aesthetics later. It's just frustrating to not have it work. A geek's life is full of disappointments and failed trials! Wish me luck... or maybe I'll just go work on a few stitch markers to give my mind something else to wrap itself around!

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