Friday, January 6

I'm heartbroken.

Well I went to Ram's today to pick up some stuff for friends and such. I was pretty good all considered, and spent less than $10 on myself out of a $100 tab. Problem is, I dunno how Derek is gonna react when he finds out how little of that $ I'm gonna get back directly. While I was there I priced out my shrug... and the wool that I can use is on sale... which will make a difference of around $25. Even without the sale, I can make it for under $100. I still have my Skacel sweater to make though. I also found a gorgeous scarf kit that was on sale for $10 off, and a matching top that was at least $20 off. The scarf is relatively reasonable at $30 for a silk and chenille kit... but that's still a lot of money. The top is about $90 I think. GST cheques are in, so *technically* I *could* afford it, but I *did* spend quite a bit already. Plus I need to buy a few supplies for my stitch markers... yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm very proud of my restraint at only getting 2 balls of clearance sock yarn for the girls, and a pair of 2.25 mm needles. It's just that I could buy soooo much if Derek lets me! I also found out that the Selkirk wool *will* felt, and I can make an antique-looking HBC Booger. I just don't know *what* to do... I feel like crying.

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