Monday, September 19

Woot, woot for the weekend!

Man oh man does work ever drag these days. I'm gonna be on a 5 day work week from now until Christmas so it's going to just about kill me... I'm getting soooo sick and tired of all the crap there.

Anyway... It's Monday, so that means it's Pool Night!!! YAY!!! I finally found myself a pair of shoes that I like, so if they are as comfortable as I hope they are, I'm gonna have to get the beige pair as well! I bought myself a new t-shirt to wear tonight too. For once I seem to be buying more pants than anything else lately, so I figgered a new shirt was in order.

I'm going to finish off my round dish cloth before I crash out for a few hours. I have a feeling it's gonna be a really late {or rather early!} night tonight, so I better get some sleep!

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