Thursday, September 8

Just call me fish face!!!

Sheesh... I'm so fishy these days I might as well grow gills and fins! I found this cool fish afghan pattern a while back, it was sent as a link to one of the groups I belong to and I've been eyeing it up ever since. I'm pretty sure it's within my abilities, and will be a great way to use up some of my scraps around here. What I find really strange is that I don't have any WW scraps of acrylic here at my desk, just some tidbits of cotton, or acrylic in different weights, as well as a ball of 100% wool that's asking me if I'm ever gonna use it for socks or not!

On a fishy note, Nemo seems to be doing a bit better. He's still not happy about having the air turned on in his tank, but that's just too bad! He spends a lot of time just hiding in his bell cave... guess those air bubbles just won't leave him alone! LOL

Gotta run!

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